In the Crowbar & Sickle universe, who are Rob and Danielle?


I vote for “4X” and “Muscles.” Rob is master tactician and Danielle is a surprisingly nice ruthless murderer.


Locke and Demosthenes.

Which is which is, if course, a secret.


4X is a pretty great name. I bet sometimes its written out as XXXX.


Do we stick with hand tools? Rob’s pretty methodical and Danielle has that medical know-how, so: Saw and Scalpel.


My first instinct was like. Frying pan and Machete cause those are the only other melee weapons I know are in Battlegrounds


Come on man, Danielle is obviously Fist.

I guess Rob is Pan, since it’s the strategically best melee weapon.


Yeah, it’s gotta be Pan and Machete, but like… I’d like to think it’s more of a Peter Pan reference, and a Danny Trejo thing?

(Then we also run out of melee weapons from the game though.)


Danielle teaches game design and Rob likes strategy games, so why not something to do with mechanics?

Rob could be Camp, because I feel like he’d be super methodical, Danielle could be… Fist? Because she fights and might be more in to running and and mixing things up? (This one is bad)

They’d be the Camper and the Fist.


Rob and Danielle are the crowbar an sickle. Austin and Patrick just pick up the idols.


My question is: who are they in relation to Patrick/Austin as father/son?
My take is: Rob is Patrick’s uncle and Danielle is his cousin (but Danielle isn’t Rob’s daughter)
Also man seeing the four of them do some squads streams would definitely be real cool and fun.