In ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,’ AI Companions Act Like Real Humans

In acting more than just bullet sponges, 'Uncharted' makes their characters meaningful in more ways than one.

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Is this a case for the bar being so low for companion AI that one scripted moment can make it seem like a huge improvement over anything that’s come before? This is the third place I’ve seen this exact moment described, and none mention any other moment. Does any other moment like this even exist?

Did you read the last paragraph of the article?

I beat the game yesterday,and i think the headline is an overstatement. The moment mentioned in the article was nice and all, but it came off as more scripted than “human”. It felt like it was in the same vein as Elizabeth giving you supplies in Bioshock Infinite, both in execution and as a cheap way for the player to feel invested in the AI companion. I also can’t really think of moments where she was that helpful in combat either. A few times she would seemingly disappear during fights.

I loved Chloe and Nadine as characters, Lost Legacy is my favorite Uncharted game by far, but Nadine as an AI companion felt standard at best.

I saw how short the last bit was and lumped it in with the follow Patrick on Twitter junk at the bottom and skipped it.

Haven’t finished yet, but while she is certainly not as helpful as she could be, she’s called out enemies I hadn’t spotted when operating in stealth mode and done stealth takedowns for me when an enemy got close enough to a patch of high grass we were skulking in.

I feel like calling out enemy locations is pretty standard now for AI companions to do, but in this game particularity I would usually use L3 to mark enemy locations before I moved so I didn’t rely on her much for call outs, but I understand why its useful.

I only saw her do stealth take downs maybe a handful of times and a couple of those times it looked like the enemy AI should have noticed her. Which is why that doesn’t stick out to me.

I can understand why people would find some of her AI mannerism humanizing to her character, even though I don’t think they accomplish that in any new way, but I never felt like I was playing with another human during game play. It’s also possible that I had a unlucky run and just didn’t trigger these actions for her to preform as much as they could have been done.

Huh. Nadine did a lot during combat in my play-through. Like, constantly taking out enemies in melee, and grappling enemies for me to shoot/melee them and stuff? The only time she didn’t do much was during long-ranged encounters where she’d plink away with her pistol.

Yeah, I mostly got her doing pot shots away with her pistol, but only occasionally the melee stuff. Maybe i had a glitched play through, because she also would get stuck in the T pose once , but that only happened during non combat.