In your personal Top 10 Games of All Time list, what's the outlier?


Driver San Francisco. I’m a sucker for racing games and possession mechanics so this game hits my sweet spot so good. Would really really love for another game like this to grace this hellish earth.


I really like Lost Kingdoms 1 & 2…It’s where I developed a love for the weird of FROM SOFTWARE.

The mechanics are rusty and occasionally just rotten but it has a ton of hidden secrets and depth. The lore was also just super odd.


Came here to post this!

Monster Rancher 2 – I feel like I’m the only person who this game affected on a deep level. But now I know there is at least one other. (While everyone else was studying the Pokedex, I was putting CD after CD into my PS1)

I want them to make a monster rancher mobile that replaces the CD Functionality with a barcode scanner or camera integration SO badly.


Dragon Quest Monsters 2. Perfected the gameplay of the first, added in more monsters. But I hardly ever hear anyone love on it, or the series in general. I also LOVE Monster Rancher 2, my dad and I would take every CD we had in the house, try each one, and we had a big lift with them all on there. I just really love monster catching games, I guess!


I don’t really have a definitive list or anything, but a likely outlier would be Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. The best detective game I’ve played for sure!


I honestly would have to sit down and think about my top 10 as of right now considering how it tends to change dramatically depending on my mood. I would however say that mine would probably be in the same vein as a Mr. Rob Zacny’s in the sense that I’d have something like Crusader Kings II or another grand strategy/war game in the top ten. And I realize Crusader Kings is well loved, but honestly Paradox games in general for me have reminded me time and time again about what I love about video games, and represent the top in their class in systematic storytelling.


Alright, well, I just banged a top ten out off the top of my head and here’s what I have:

  1. Celeste
  2. Skate 3
  3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  4. The Secret of Monkey Island
  5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3
  6. Sega Rally Championship
  7. Crazy Taxi
  8. R.C. Pro-Am
  9. ESPN NFL 2K5
  10. Night in the Woods

My love for Crazy Taxi I think is the outlier here, I’m the only person I know of who loves that game with the intensity that I do. It’s just so perfect for what it is… You really do drive a Taxi and pick people up and drive them to Pizza Hut


Made an account just so I could hop in my with bad Okami takes.

It’s uh, very good.

I know it’s problematic in a lot of ways, but I really sincerely adore that game. I loved it’s overwrought (and overlong) story, I think it has an amazing score, and between its unique art and beautiful set pieces, it’s my favourite game to look at. Okami will always hold a really special place in my heart.


Don’t get Danielle started on Crazy Taxi, she loves that game.


Okami is beloved.


This is the first I’ve ever heard of Okami being problematic (mind you, I haven’t played the game). Do you mean to use the term in the social justice sense, or do you just mean to say that it has a lot of problems?


I would pay blood for a mobile /camera focused Monster Rancher game.

I have so many fond memories of just…indexing CDs and what they created, or looking up what made unique monsters online and going hunting at music stores. It was such a unique and formative experience!


FIrst time I ever went on gamefaqs


Definitely the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic for me. I don’t know anyone who even likes the game, much less would put it in their top ten, but I have spent so much time in that game it would be dishonest for me to make a top ten list that didn’t have it.


Maxis’ SimCopter - ordered it through Scholastic flier and would spend my entire 1-hour-per-day computer allowance on it. Horrible graphics even for its time, sfx, controls, but at the time those little cities, weather paterns, unpredictable tasks was so unique and fun to explore. The music for the radio was incredible (fav ofc Techno #3). That or SimAnt, a game I would time myself speedrunning before I even knew what speedrunning was. (you can easily come in under 30 seconds!)


I feel like this isn’t really an outlier to a lot of people who played it, but Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is my favorite game of all time, and I often feel a need to defend that decision.

It takes a very simple premise: “you play as a person who got turned into a Pokemon,” and turns it into something surprisingly complex. Characters have arcs and develop, despite good guys turning bad and vice versa, the game rejects the idea that anyone is inherently either, all wedged into a narrative that is much more than the macguffin-hunt extravaganza that it initially promises to be. Sky takes ideas built upon in previous games, and retells them while adding on more development for side characters and more fully exploring certain ideas. Its a phenomenal game, and earns its emotional gut-punches in a way that it may not seem to from a quick glance at the box art and the Pokemon title.


While I don’t think it’s in my Top 10 per se, I’ve also put a ton of time into this game RunGunJumpGun that I’ve felt like I’ve never heard anyone talk about anywhere? It’s a really solid masocore game and I quite enjoy it! It’s got this wacky weird sci-fi theming, and a killer OST, too!


Might go against the premise of this thread, but I’m seconding this. The entire Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series deserves so much more of an audience than it has. Gates to Infinity is ehh, but the Rescue Team games and Super are great entries in and of themselves, and the Explorers set (especially Sky) is utterly phenomenal. They pack so much emotional weight, and manage to tell surprisingly character-driven stories backed by this incredible sense of adventure and scale. And the soundtracks… I still tear up every time I hear I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye.


And then there were three of us!

I still remember Mr. X, a Plant/unknown type that came from my Wallflowers CD. I also really liked making monsters with Gali as their subtype. I was able to make a lot of these because I indefinitely borrowed my friend’s Mario Teaches Typing CD that created pure Galis. I went pretty far with a Hare/Gali type named Prince.

I really loved that franchise. I think there was a bad cartoon at one point? ETA: There definitely was a cartoon, because I remember now that’s where I learned how Suezo is actually pronounced. It uses Japanese phonics, so it’s sway-zo.

I played quite a bit of one of the GBA games in high school, too. It generated monsters based on text input, so if you knew what you wanted it was real easy to just do an online search to get a keyword.

Did you ever try out the weird circus themed one that came out on PS2 that was more like a traditional RPG? I kinda forgot that game existed until just now. I rented it, but never got super deep in.


My two main monsters were Hare/Plant and a Plant/Gali! And no, I never played the one you’re referencing or the one on the DS.