Inclusive spaces to learn speedrunning?

So, I’ll start this with sharing that I have a friend who recently talked to me about wanting to get into speedrunning but has hesitated because she perceives the community to be hostile, which I’ve definitely seen large doses of in the twitch chats of larger streamers when it comes to trans folks at least (she isn’t trans but who wants to be around transphobes). I know there’s definitely a huge portion of kind and tolerant runners and fans of running that inhabit the community but when it comes to talking to folks and asking questions and participating in the community, is it kind of a free for all in terms of who’s running the discord servers or moderating the forums for your game on Are there any other dedicated spaces for folks in the speedrunning community where tolerance is paramount? And if not, what are yalls experiences with the discords and forums you’ve used in terms of shitty behavior and how it’s dealt with?


I know Danielle is super into watching speedruns, so perhaps asking her for info or some guidance on Twitter might be helpful. I also found a BOTW speedrunner who is a trans woman: perhaps she has info or a community you might want to start with. I hope this helps!

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Your friend isn’t wrong, unfortunately. It seems like there are high profile incidents fairly often, and the community is extremely insular. I was trying to get into it in the late 2000s, early 2010s and there were very little resources online, a lot of the strategies were learned by watching other people do runs, and various irc channels.

Thankfully, with the boom in speedrunning and discord, youtube and streaming, a lot of smaller groups which are a lot more inclusive are popping up all the time. Many speedrunners and streamers have their own little community and if I search a game I’m interested in and find the stream to be welcoming, I start asking questions and maybe eventually join the discord and start getting more involved.

One thing that is good is there is a lot of enthusiasm out there so people want to talk about their game when they’re learning ! I’m sorry I don’t have a specific example for you, but I find nice people to talk to about Link To The Past all the time just watching races and looking for smaller streams.

From what I understand, people who speedrun tend to be very inclusive. However it depends completely on the game/series to the point where it’s hard to say there is an over all community. I know a few streamers who casually do speedruns/races and are friends with some of the better known speedrunners. Those streamers are Smight and TieTuesday. They’re relatively small (a few hundred subs on twitch), but both have decent well moderated communities that might give you better direction.

There’s also the LTTP Randomizer community, which seems pretty inclusive. Alex Zandra (of League of Heels fame) is friends with some of them. I don’t know how active it is at the moment.

I wish I could be more specifically helpful.

All I can offer you is this: if there is a speedrunning community out there that is inclusive and good for marginalized people, especially for LGBTQ+ women, my girlfriend was not able to find it, which lead to her quitting speedrunning altogether.