Independent Development Thread - All Indie Devs welcome!

Anyone in this thread interested in a game collaboration? I want to program games, but I don’t want to be a solo dev. So I would be happy to meet people who can do art and/or sound and/or design.

I have some experience doing tutorials, prototypes, and jam games. I’ve worked in Unity, Unreal, and Game Maker 2.

Anyone else looking for a person with the skills they are missing?

as i was going through this thread, i thought the same thing! i’ve been just starting to dip my toes into Unity/ C#, but my focus is music and sound design. i’ve been doing that for 5 or 6 years now, but i dont have experience working with games. still, if you think you need any audio stuff, i’d love to talk.

I may be down to collab during the summer. I’m busy with stuff right now but I’m hoping to work on personal projects in a month or so.

Hey everyone!

First time posting to this thread. I was actually about to start up my own thread to see what other active/aspiring game devs are involved in this lovely forum, but I came across this robust conversation instead. Glad to see such creativity and expressive work being represented–including a handful of games I’ve already had my eye on!

I’ve posted in a few other threads about my dev work before, which was entirely tiny free games made in a month or so. Now I’m hunkering down to deliver my first “premium” title, which will be first shown as part of the PLAY NYC game convention this August.

The most I can share right now is the UI we (me & my partner who does all the art) have been working on. I’m curious what everyone’s initial thoughts are on the layout and design.

For some context: The game is a turn-based roguelite heavily inspired by comic books, hence the panels. All of the buttons and meters are from the dashboard of the ship you are in, the movement and control of which is the primary gameplay. Some have said maybe the panels are too large, so I’m curious if anyone thinks that as well. And just FYI: this is still very WIP and lacks some details like labels/icons/etc.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look and sharing your thoughts.


Rise from your grave, indie thread!

I’ve been away for quite a while since animation marathons aren’t the most exciting things to post about, and then stuff kind of got in the way, but work is still progressing at a steady pace on Pachakutiq (yes, the title changed a bit to reflect a more accurate Quechua spelling, to better illustrate the intent behind the name).

I’m currently in the process of blocking out an early “intention” level aimed to be demonstrative of supposed “final” pace of the game. I’m putting a lot of quotes here, as with most things gamedev, many things are subject to change over the course of development, but for now it’s a solid step towards having a vertical slice to demonstrate the game to hopefully interested potential investors, starting with Gamescom at the end of the month!

Here’s what a blocked out level looks like:

All those colored boxes will of course be hidden by actual graphics when the time comes, including some foreground elements to allow focusing the reading area and hiding some elements (such as secret paths, hehe). The current level is 4.5 layouts long out of 8 planned, and takes about 4 to 5 minutes to play through when speedrunning, and anywhere from 10 to 20 when playing blind depending on experience and familiarity with platformers.

Once all layouts are blocked out, I’ll add enemies (many of those planned don’t even exist yet so I’ll have to make them separately and make sure they work before putting them in levels willy-nilly), after which a round of testing will occur… and we’ll finally see if the game plays how it should! It’s about time :smiley:

For now, the race until Gamescom is on, and even if I don’t make the deadline for the test level, here’s still a piece of promo art made to help showcase the game to those interested:

That’s it for now, next time should hopefully feature more enemies so we can actually see pacing in those test levels!


My life is a giant mess right now. Not only do I have almost no time to work on my videogames, I also don’t really have the confidence in my ideas.


So to at least do something, I’ve released the kind of broken prototype of Aether Stone II on itchio. I got confused about what game I wanted to make with it, but it has this really neat movement system that’s really fun to mess around with. So I felt that maybe putting it in front of a handful of people might help me figure out what to do with it, because I want to do something with it.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes and want to mess around in a messy platformer, you get the game over here:


Really happy to see this thread revived. I know there are lots of Waypointers out there making their own games, and what I’ve seen here already proves you’ve all got some great ideas. Keep the screenshots and GIFs coming!

I’ve got my own bits to share today. My little game studio just announced its first title, a hand-drawn exploration game called Aquamarine. We have a teaser trailer featuring original music from Chrome Sparks, and a cool little indie publication did an in-depth feature on us that looks at the game’s themes and the direction the gameplay is headed.

Thanks for giving my little project a look!


The test level mentioned earlier is done, and available for Patreon backers!


I’m already receiving some cool reports of things completely breaking down in the later stages, exciting :smiley: At least I have my work cut out for me in the coming days and weeks, before tackling the graphical layer of it all!


Hi there!
So I kind of managed to salvage parts of what once was Aether Stone II and turned it into a slightly different game that doesn’t have a name yet.


I’m currently looking for a composer/sound designer to help me with music and Sound effects, because I’m not really good at either of those two things. I would very much prefer to hire/pay someone who comes from a marginalized background for this and I’m also very open towards working with someone who hasn’t done a lot of work within videogames. So on the off chance that someone here might be interested in this, feel free to get in touch!


Just started on a project I’m excited about which is gonna become a puzzle platformer.
I haven’t implemented the main mechanic yet, started this morning, but I just found it really satisfying bouncing around with my little character so I wanted to show some of it off.

Video in tweet:


Hi guys, I’m new here. I have been developing this game The Moon Fields for over a year and a half now. This GIF is from the multiplayer versus mode. There’s an adventure mode in the works where you get new friends and gear. I hope you guys find this interesting, so I can post more GIFs as I keep developing it.


Hey guys, you MUST add to the list of softwares Krita! I’ve been using it for a while, it’s free and they added animation last year, it’s really good, it’s like the Blender of 2d programs! You should add it in both the sections 2d art and pixel art!
Plus, in the section pixel art, I would suggest adding too, it has a pixel grid system that makes it really useful for making static pixel art, it may not be able to animate stuff, but most pixel art is static, and this is very good for it, my brother for example does pixel art and uses! Plus, this one too is free too!

EDIT: is not an URL, it’s the name of the program, I noticed only now that the forum highlights it as an address, but it doesn’t bring to the program!

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Hi guys, i recently released a game called “In or Out” , please try it and give some feedback so i can improve more, thanks.
Google Play Download Link :

Hey everyone, it’s that time again! Yes, I’ve made another fun and free little game that I’d like to share with the lovely members of this fine message board. Blank Bit was made for a game jam back in November 2018, and I loved the idea so much that I continued developing the thing on and off for about five months until it was “finished”.

The theme of the game jam was “Hybrid,” and I wanted to use the opportunity to try working in genres I’d never tried before. So I decided to take your average platformer mechanics and “interrupt” them with the basics of a card game! Then I spun those results into an arcade-y high score game about being a harmless little bit stuck in a dying computer system. It’s a glitchy, twitchy little game, which is generally pretty weird and colorful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving it a look!


I think my only real issue is that the tutorial moves along a bit too slow? I love how the game looks and the “deckbuilding” thing is pretty neat, once you’ve figured out that you can use the cards whenever you want.

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That’s great feedback, thanks! Good to know about the tutorial as well. This was actually my first time doing a full intro/tutorial for a game, so I’m still learning quite a bit there. You’re right, though, and I’ll make it a point to tighten up that part in the next update. Really appreciate you checking it out

3D Art
Blender - open source -
Maya LT

Yep can confirm blender is master of 3d visuals and indie game development - why pay for some pricy alternative when blender has same features?

Unless you have very specific reason to use something other than blender then blender is the way to go to save tons of money.