Independent Development Thread - All Indie Devs welcome!

We’ve got a thread-merging feature here, but I’m sure the mods’ll figure out what to do when they’re a little less swamped, don’t worry! (That’s why I mentioned its relative quietness around here, since I know it’s easy to miss older threads on new forums. :heart:)

Feel free to link 'em if you want; I was mostly just linking them because I thought y’all would enjoy having older discussions here to read! In, uh, light of all those GAF discussions being inaccessible for now. :sweat_smile:

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Its really great to seem to indie devs already here :smiley:

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Got it! I’ll add the links to the OP for now, and we’ll see what to do/what the mods think is best when the situation has quieted down a little :smiley:

Thanks a lot!


Hello, everyone!

Hope you’re having a nice day! Decided to poke my snout around here and so far it looks like a nice place to be in! I’m a solo hobbyist gamedev from Lithuania and been making small action games with pig characters for a around 4 years now. My best known project is Iron Snout and I’m currently working on beat’em up sidescroller Bacon May Die (already available on some platforms for free, Steam version coming soon too)!



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Howdy! Came from GAF and it’s great to have a thread like this to visit again. :grin:


Hey bud! Good to see you here.

Thank you for setting up this thread!

I don’t know if I really like this forum (never heard of it before) but it’s awesome that we have a way to continue the GAF thread at least for the short term. Maybe this new location will help me remember to post more frequently.

I should have waited half a moment to post that because I just finished it :joy:


Thanks for setting this up, @Pehesse! I really enjoyed following the GAF thread even though I am not a developer. It’s awesome to learn about what goes into making games and to see devs comment on their work as it is happening.

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Hey everybody! I already spot a bunch of familiar names! I’m also another former Indie Dev Gaf forum dweller (username was the TheHollowNight there), happy to make the migration over since I was already semi-active in the Waypoint discord (aseaton over there)! Thanks @Pehesse for making this!!

For those who don’t know, I’ve been working on Beacon, a top down sci-fi action roguelite, a game with heavy emphasis on exploration, cloning and mutations.

It has a little bit of DNA from all of our favorite roguelikes in there, but it’s probably most similar to Binding of Isaac & Nuclear Throne, with some flourishes of Spelunky.

We’ve been working on the project for almost 4 years part-time, but will be releasing the game in 2018 in some form or another and probably sooner than you would expect (more news on that later!)

I’ve been a little bit quiet myself on updates over on GAF since we’ve been locking down a lot of stuff and now have a release goal and task list set! We’ve also been working hard on a new cinematic gameplay trailer:

I don’t want to flood this thread with too much content, so I’ll link our newly made gif wall on our site!


Hello, another GAF lurker here. I’m glad i found this and it’s cool to see a lot of familiar faces here already. I regret never participating in the GAF thread so I’ll try and start doing that here. Thanks for making this Pehesse.

Here is a run cycle from my game.



I’m one of those people who used to read the GAF Indie Dev threads, but never was able to make the step to join the discussion. With this new community (hopefully!) forming on Waypoint I figured it was now or never!

I’ll probably share what I’m working on at a later date but for now I just wanted to say hi and thank everyone for sharing what they’re working on, and those who compile the resources for the OPs!


Great thread! I’d like to add that GraphicsGale has been completely free for a few months now. The paid version no longer exists :slight_smile:


Oops, you’re right - forgot to update the resource list with what happened since it was posted. Anything else I need to change while I’m at it?
Also, awesome to see you here :slight_smile:

I think you got it covered!

And thanks! I should make more of an effort to actually do my own projects, haha…


Don’t we all? :smiley:

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Both of this look amazing. Cant wait to see more stuff about them :smiley:


What a meltdown. xD Jesus!

Welcome back guys 'n gals!

Never lose focus! xD

Thx for the link, Pe!


Was Popstar already taken?