Independent Development Thread - All Indie Devs welcome!

Hi everyone,

not a NeoGaf user (not much of an internet community person in general), but I do somehow make videogames. I don’t really have anything completely new to share, because the thing I’m currently working on isn’t ready yet, but I am releasing an update for my game Splinter Zone tomorrow, so have a gif from that instead:

It’s sort of strange to refer to myself as a game developer, because up to two years ago I had no idea how to do anything really. I kind of stumbled into it and I’m still figuring stuff out on a daily basis.


OMG it’s missile


Great thread, all the links to stuff in the first post are very useful. Only just started learning how to do stuff in Unity but hope to eventually have stuff to show here. :smiley:

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Just a suggestion to add to the free/open source engine section: Love2D is a fantastic lightweight LUA framework that’s really painless to develop in, and the excellent level editor Tiled has support for it.

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Hi Jobbs xD
Yeah, I’m not done yet! Lots of technical stuff to post, still. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll add it right away! (and then going straight to bed so future updates will wait until tomorrow :smiley: )


missile! I was actually just looking at your website seeing if I could find a way to contact you and direct you here. Glad you found it.

Ludophonic is the name I’ve been using for a long time many places, but my NeoGAF account was as old as NeoGAF. “Popstar” was an inside joke from back when I worked at Rockstar. A portmanteau of “Pop’n’Fresh” (the nick I released Quake 3 modding tools as) and “Rockstar” I was given in the old #homeworld irc.

You never told us! :wink: My one is as old as Duke Nukem. Woah! Yeah, thx for
caring! I wrote Pe and he told me about it right away.

Great to see so many GAFdevs found their way here :smiley: I´ve been inactive from the Indie OT for the last months, but hope that´ll change soon! In the meanwhile I´ll keep on lurking this OT as I did with the old one.

And also, thanks Pehesse for doing this!


in our efforts to keep promoting mobility and verticality (which a lot of roguelikes tend to ignore), one of the recent additions to the game in the fortresses are jump pads! These work like the ones from Portal 2, where you are locked into a pre-designated path once you hit the pad, so there isn’t too much perspective-based confusion over where you’ll land.


So glad to see familiar names here, watching you all progress was always very inspiring!

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I’m 100% behind this growing indie dev community; y’all really inspire me with all of this progress, and hopefully I’ll be able to join in here someday soon!

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The poster formerly known as More_Badass checking to say it’s great to see so many familiar devs posting here.

And rando, that first pic of Beacon looks gorgeous, especially the lighting

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I’ve been working on Labyrinth of Orius, a roguelite JRPG dungeon crawler for mobile:


It’s been a lot of work, and there’s a lot more to be done, but things are taking shape. I’m primarily a programmer, so almost all of the art is contracted or open source, but it’s come together pretty well.


Excited to see this thread. Was on GAF occasionally but mostly for this and PSVR stuff. Also been following Waypoint and the podcast since day 1. If you don’t know Waypoint, the podcast is a great place to start.

I’m working on a strategic business sim game about the game industry. Design is slower and more about the decisions you make on the path to getting a game done. I’m anxious because it’s my first real thing I am putting my all in to (I’m between jobs so I might as well!).

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It’s good to see a bunch of people here. I just need to get my avatar fixed. There were so many things to learn about the new forum. :tada: :taco:

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So, is this going to be the official landing spot for NeoGaf indie dev refugees?

Welcome back Ken! As to your question: yes and no. Everyone formerly from gaf is obviously welcome, of course, but we’re here to continue and expand our community by integrating with the people aleady here, not simply getting the old gang together. That means being aware and respecting the rules in place here, such as being mindful of the terminology we use not to make light of actual real world events (so no “refugees” here).

All people welcome, and all things in context! :smiley:

With that said, again, welcome back and I’m glad to see so many safely finding their way here!


Roger on that, did not mean anything by it, and it won’t happen again. Looking forward to the forum.


No worries, and I’m glad and thankful you understand :smiley: I look forward to your updates!