Independent Development Thread - All Indie Devs welcome!


Well, I am making a cat! There was that really good free image host site that was in the PC screenshot’s thread, it started with a “P”. Anybody remember the name of that (I never bookmarked it).


This thread comes at a great time, since I very recently (as in over the weekend) rebranded all my my games stuff as The Garden Well and launched a snazzy new website to go with it.

My main project is Tala. A chill exploration puzzle game set in a (literal) small town embedded in the woods that combines traditional animation techniques & nature photography. Got a little teaser game in the works to give people a taste of the little world I’m building.


On the subject of gaf, I had an account but never posted, hahahah.

Edit: and just in case anybody was wondering, it’s being made with Unity & the Adventure Creator plugin. It’s a super powerful plugin specifically made for 2d point and click games, as well as 3d ‘telltale-likes’.


Oh, this looks fantastic! Anything traditionally animated is sure to catch my eye :smiley:


I love the style. How was the background done? Is it just a static photo? I think I see some parallax scrolling?


Good eye! There’s some subtle parallax scrolling in a bunch of the areas. Done super simply with a couple of layers. When I take the basic photography I make sure that it’s all in focus and then go in and add all the blurring and cleanly cut out the backgrounds in Photoshop. And here’s the original photo for comparison sake.


So happy to see some familiar faces!

For those who don’t know me, I’m currently working on my 3D platformer Clive ‘N’ Wrench. Striving for cartoony aesthetics mixed with the kind of tight feeling gameplay you’d expect from the genre. Here’s a couple of examples of my latest work:

Currently I’m working on Baroness Samedice’s boss battle, which sees Clive ‘N’ Wrench shrunken down fighting off voodoo dolls as well as the Baroness herself on top of a casino roulette table!

Good work on the thread Pehesse!


Wow, lots of friendly faces from IndieGAF here :slight_smile:
Thanks for starting this up, Pehesse!


Hi everyone!

I was a lurker and occasional poster on the old Gaf thread and I’m very happy that some of the community is here <3

Currently my game dev time is limited as I just started a new job so I’m trying to improve my drawing skills and doing some general Unity tutorials in the meantime. There’s some ideas floating around that hopefully I can share here later!

In the meantime you can find my stuff here: (more “commercial” work) (game jams and more experimental stuff)

Any feedback on either of my games is appreciated and I hope I have something to share soonish!


Good to see some lurkers vocalising!

I’ve been working on optimisation for mob behavior as this boss fight relies heavily on multiple voodoo dolls chasing you! Thankfully it seems animating purely with model chunks and morph targets is far less memory intensive; unlike boned characters they barely affect the frame rate, even in high numbers! Additionally giving them some nice physics based joints for when they die helps them feel really satisfying to take-out, especially when you hit more than one at a time!


Man this looks so cool! Love the artstyle. May I ask how far along are you with the development?


That hand-drawn style plus “live action” backgrounds combination really is lovely.

Will the puzzles be hard or is it more of a “relaxed” experience?


Why aren’t the gifs shown properly?

The board software tells me;
"This image is too large to display here; click to view"
Sux. But even if I click, nothing happens. Anyone?

Is there an option to display them nevertheless?


Tala and Clive&Wrench all look spectacular.


Today I learned Graphics Gale went freeware…


Hey hi. Just wanna chime in and say Bitsy is a cool little engine if you want to make something where someone explores a small, 2D space. It’s sort of halfway between Twine and something more robust like Construct 2.

It lives here:


Many thanks, added to the resource list!


Hey all. I managed to snag the same name as the gaf forums. For those who don’t know, I’m making a 2D shmup and making the engine from scratch. Still very early on but I have basic triangles flying about as I work on the supportive systems. I try to post at least once a month if not more when I have things to show.


If you need debug menus or a gui for a custom tool I can’t recommend Dear Imgui enough

Really easy to add to most projects and a lot of fun to play with.

Image from the GitHub because let’s be honest you want to see before clicking


An amusing bug for the flamethrower that seems to fire when holstered on the ‘back’ - currently the holster point seems to think it’s ‘floating in the air just off to the side’ :joy:


Not as far as I’d like to be! I’ve got all of the first act areas plotted out and a bunch of the puzzles designed, and I know the general story beats I want to hit. The major reason why the teaser isn’t public yet is because I’m exploring funding options, and there’s a chance that I’ll be crowdfunding it, and if that’s the case then that teaser is going to be a key part of getting eyes on the campaign/media attention, since they’re generally (and rightfully so) blasé about Kickstarter campaigns, haha.

It’s definitely looking to be a more chilled experience. I’m hoping to make it a fairly accessible game and unfairly hard puzzles just isn’t the way to go with the project. It’s aiming for an audience of most people down to the fact that it’s language independent; there’s no words, it’s all told through little animations and thought bubbles.