Independent Development Thread - All Indie Devs welcome!


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After glancing at the opening posts i realized this was a transfer from gaf. I followed the old thread without putting in much but it was still enjoyable to go through. I’ve been working on some of my own game ideas in UE4 on and off and hopefully will be able to show something soon.


What a brilliant idea having the game communicate through symbols. Not only is it effective way to communicate puzzles, it’s also going to make this game very easy to localize I’d imagine!

I also wanted to chime in and say how much I love the art style. I’m such a sucker for real materials being used in game art, and the world and characters blend surprisingly well.


The idea was born from be pretty much knowing that writing, particularly dialogue, isn’t a strong suite of mine so it was a way to completely forgo it. Turns out that it takes an hour or two animate the & incorporate the line “hey I’ll give you this watering can for a pie”. Well worth the effort though!


Awww yeah just like old times.


Hey fellas/ladies. What the hell happened these past few days :frowning:


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Well, GAF is back up and it is kind of a mess in there at the moment. I am not sure if I am going to go back. Hopefully this thread thrives like the old one.

Anyway, so does the cat look like a house cat? It’s still not done, but the general shape of the head? Short haired house cat?


Apparently not, but there is the nifty scroll by date wheel thing to the right.


looks pretty catlike to me! the proportions and bone structure are good, i feel like the ears could use a bit more definition though; the depth of them doesn’t seem quite right

edit: example


Hello! I’m an artist who may be looking to join an indie project since I have no programming skills. Just watching for now (as I often did in the GAF thread), but will post more proactively probably next month. Looking forward to seeing your work!


Yeah, the ears were all sorts of messed up in those pics (still working on it). But that is a good profile reference pic, and I reshaped the ears to fit it.

The biggest challenge so far is that the cat fur tends to obfuscate the shape of the head. They appear to be sacks of flabby fur. I tried using hairless cats to get the general bone structure, but they are too lean and I need to sculpt in some of that fur fat for the game asset. But I think it’s almost there.


I almost worked on a project that also aims to have no words. I’m curious to see how you handle that. Seems like a challenge but something that, done well, can be very neat.

I remember having discussions about it and getting stuck in how to present puzzles and information using just drawings. That animation you showed here is lovely.


That’s interesting and awesome, I’ve come to the same conclusion (wordless narration) for the same reasons (difficulties with writing+wanting to reach more people more “universally”, concerns about meaning of imagery aside) :smiley:

On my end, I’m still working on background elements, in an attempt to have enough to cover up a whole layout at a base level before the end of the week. It’s going to be short! Currently new are new floor/wall/ceiling variants, clouds, and some coloration tweaks for the background (the sun, mainly) - colors aren’t final yet, of course (nothing is) but it’s getting closer to what it’s supposed to be!


The Amanita Design games (Samorost / Botanicular / Machinarium) are excellent case studies in narrative without any actual text / speech


Indeed, I’ll be (re)looking at them closely when I do my own narration scenes - though it’s still very far off, for now I’d like to get the base mechanics feel just right first :smiley:


I’d add INSIDE to that list, too. One of the most stunning examples of non-verbal storytelling I’ve seen in a long time.


Same here, I also think it´s a very strong tool to use to help improve the game´s design. It´s no coincidence that games such as Mario, Mega Man or the more recent Shovel Knight are so well regarded and they all follow this approach (though there´s some minimal text for story and such): the impact in level design is evident and makes the game much better. Besides, I think it helps a lot to give personality to your characters: when they don´t talk you´ll find yourself trying to express their personality through any action they do, which will have secondary effects like affecting the animation. This is something really powerful, because if you come up with a nice walking cycle that says something about your character, that is an action that the player will be seeing a lot of the time and not just during cutscenes. And the same for all other stuff like jumping, getting hit, solving a puzzle, pushing stuff, celebrating end level results…So, great idea :slight_smile:

I know you hate making backgrounds, but the result is really worth your effort, those pics look fucking amazing!


I have Machinarium on my iPad and never got to actually playing it. I should really get on to that.


I entirely agree - I still have some more “expressiveness” animations planned for Inti, though I’m waiting to get to work on the actual narration scenes to get to those, so I have a clearer idea of what I need to convey!

And many thanks, of course :smiley: It’s true I intensely dislike doing backgrounds, but it’s awesome to hear it’s not wasted time and effort :smiley: