Independent Development Thread - All Indie Devs welcome!


nice! Theorycrafting about the future of arena FPS where the current fanbase prefers 1v1, I always thought they should borrow ideas from fighting games. Will keep an eye out for your game :slight_smile:


I’ll stop working on backgrounds for now, and move on to enemies, to have something for the Warrior to play around with. It’s still very far from done, but at least Inti can jump on other things than black boxes now:

Backgrounds are going to be the most time-consuming element to make, and I’ll try not to reuse too much stuff from level to level, but we’ll see how much I can put into RAM before computers launch into space :smiley:

So for now, enemies, and after that, special effects (smoke effects, particles, etc) and we’ll see where we’re at at the end of the year for what’s next!

EDIT: in the long standing tradition of sharing just about anything other than a screenshot for screenshot saturday, here’s some footage of the current prototype in action, bugs, WIP and everything else included:

Just for fun, here’s also what the game looked like exactly one year ago. I hope I’ll have as much as a leap to showcase for the project’s next anniversary :smiley:


it looks amazing in stills, but even better in motion. Can´t wait to see what designs you come up with for the enemies.
About the RAM limitations, maybe I´m not understanding something correctly, but couldn´t you just load the resources you need for every setting at the start of each level while discarding the ones from the previous level? I don´t think anyone will complain for a little loading time in-between levels.

BTW, what will be the main structure of the game? Big single level, possibly a Metroidvania, or smaller more linear levels, maybe obstacle courses?


Thanks :slight_smile: Enemies will be tough, but hopefully I’ll come up with some interesting stuff!

Regarding RAM: in an ideal world, yes, I’d have total control over how and where assets get loaded/unloaded, but C2 doesn’t allow that level of control. Even if I did, the minimal assets themselves already require an enormous amount of RAM (1.2Go simply for the main character animation set). So: yes, of course, there’s going to be loading in between each level as it simply would not be possible otherwise, but the core issue remains that HD tradigital animation takes an enormous amount of resources! (base character moveset: 1.2Go, layout specific environment tiles:150-200Mo, enemies: 200-500Mo…and that’s for a basic level with nothing extra) :smiley:

As for the structure, it’ll be linear levels, comprised of modules. Each module is a specifically designed part of the level that has two variants, and can be as short as a few platforms/enemies being placed differently, to whole sections being different. The modules are picked as the player passes through triggers when progressing through the game based on two main variables: who they’re playing as when encountering a trigger point, and what form they’ve been playing as for the longest when encountering a trigger point. That makes it so the player will encounter different challenges/level segments/obstacle courses/bosses upon replaying the game, and through a little experimentation and foreknowledge, will be able to fine tune control of what module they will encounter next if they aim to get specific modules, for speedrun purposes for instance (or simply because they find them more fun :-D). So basically, think Super Castlevania 4, except each time you play it, some stuff might/will happen a little/a lot differently, unless you happen to play the exact same way every single time!


Right, I remember you telling me about the modular levels a while ago. How will you handle the player´s knowledge about this modularity? I mean, will you outright tell the player when the sequence he´s playing has changed or will you keep it a secret until endgame or something?

About the RAM issues, well, that´s the price to pay for those awesome assets. If they´re that big then trying to load/unload them at runtime would harm the game´s performance severely.


The question about how to inform the player is still something I’m going back and forth on - so far, my current plan is to have end of level “cards” (a tapestry that gets progressively added to as you progress through the game) that would display through shapes and color codes which character you finished each stage with, and which is currently your “most played as” at the end of each stage, so they’d need a little bit of deciphering (though not too much, because there are only two variables with two possible outputs each), but still convey information as to what’s relevant. I’m a pretty big proponent of having players figure out these kinds of layered systems through observation and deduction, rather than being outright told, as that removes mystery/engagement, but it’ll be a careful balance to achieve, as sometimes anything other than direct information is taken as obfuscation. So we’ll see how it plays out, it’s still pretty far off and I’ve got time to come up with some other ways if necessary!

And yeah, I’ve made my peace with the game taking up All Of The RAM - I’m just trying to keep performance in check, too :smiley:


Just passing along info for a jam I’m planning on doing, a good friend of mine runs it and it’s pretty great. A horror game jam with the mission statement of creating horror games without scapegoating folks with mental illnesses. I know that @CBTech was looking for an excuse to try and make something and Asylum Jam is super low pressure.


Thanks, I’ll take a look.


I’ve finally linked the colored background and sun position to the player health, and reworked some of the damage systems to include better control recovery and post-hit invincibility, all in time for the appearance of the first actual offensive enemy in the game, the medusa head clone:

(couldn’t really be a Castlevania-inspired game without one of these, now, could it? Now, to make actual hopefully original and interesting enemies :smiley: )


If my weekend wasn’t already so busy I would definitely have hopped in on this, hope everyone has a lot of fun!


a n g e r y r o b i t s


Here are some more gifs for my game Whippa Stitcha. I’m mostly just showing of some basic stuff right now cuz the game is still very much in the planning phases. Hopefully once the planning is done and i can focus on production i’ll be able to show more!


Both the character design and the animation are really cute! I love the way the clothes & hat flutter when they jump.


It looks quite adorable already :smiley:

I realize I hadn’t posted my gifshot saturday here - I’ll have to figure out why some gifs display and some don’t eventually. Something to do with size, most likely? Either way, the latest progress relates to enemy behaviors, and player health:

I’m trying to come up with more enemy designs that allow for the player to use them as environmental tools, not just obstacles to overcome. Also, animals are hard to draw!


oh cool, thats an interesting mindset to have when thinking about enemy ideas. It’ll prolly lead to some very unique ideas. I look forward to seeing more!


Man. I’ve been super busy this past week. I only really got a day in with my Asylum Jam entry because I ended up going hiking on Sunday, but I dig what I managed to get done in that time.

BUT the exciting thing is that I finally got the teaser trailer for Tala released! It’s nice to finally have it out there. :smiley:

*Recut the trailer to incorporate the actual music I’ll be using in the game! So I updated the link.


that looks beautiful… really like the art :slight_smile:

i also just released my announce trailer for the game too


Screenshot Saturday time!

I’ve been busy working on the different enemy behaviors and movement patterns this week, to hopefully map out the main ones then recombine at will down the line to make more.

I currently have 6 enemies, hopefully enough to playtest for a while - the deadline for the local expo I’d like to showcase the prototype in fast approaches, so I need to go back to bug fixing sooner than later :smiley:

Also, I can’t properly showcase it yet as I don’t have an animation for Inti, so it doesn’t look good, but the Pet system works correctly: when defeated, animals possessed by the Moon Spirit will be freed and go to the background, waiting there for you to pet them if you so choose :smiley:


I love the sketchy nature of the placeholder art - it’s surprisingly charming. :3

Also, petting mechanics are neat and more games should have them.


Man I really need to incorporate petting into Tala. HMM.