Independent Development Thread - All Indie Devs welcome!


Definitely agree; not being able to pet the dogs in Breath of the Wild was absolute torture


It’s somewhat of a quiet release, but Visual Novel Maker is now available: (well, in a few hours)

There was a number of excellent tools already, but I still hope it’ll manage to be to Visual Novels what RPGMaker was to the indie RPG community, and that we’ll see the genre thrive in the coming years :smiley: I’m tempted to give it a look myself… sometime down the line :smiley:


We’ve been super hard at work on lots of new stuff for Beacon, one of which is weather events inside our randomized weather variations. These are rare events that essentially can cause all kinds of mayhem and emergent gameplay, most of all it’s downright awesome to have implemented.

We have a hailstorm for the rain preset, tornados for the heavy fog, solar flares for the sunset, and lightning strikes for the storm preset. Each of these has both interesting positives and negatives, for example, the tornado does damage over time, but can lift you up to previously unreachable areas if exploited by players, solar flares will cause interference with your HUD for a few minutes, but can also blind enemies if they are caught in it. And so on.

Here’s an example of the fun stuff lightning strikes can do!

Obvious inspiration from BoTW, but also from games like Spelunky or Far Cry 2, where the rules of the world just allow these (typically scripted) interactions to happen naturally


Yesterday was festival day for me… a first of its kind, but hopefully not the last! Full recap here:


This is WIP for a Boss fight for Whippa Stitcha. The layout of the Boss room isn’t final and he is in the wrong level lol. I still need shade his sprite and think of some ways to spice the look of his projectile attacks. I was also debating whether i want to add more frames to his idle animation but inbetweening close frames in pixel art is such a pain that i think i will just leave it.


Last update of the year for me! The road ahead is still long, but… well, the road ahead is still long :smiley:

Happy holidays to all (hopefully you manage to get some!)


Looks awesome! I need to start bringing my game to this thread…


Happy New Year folks :slight_smile: It’s been a while since I last posted here but I’ve added a few things recently.

Working on the outdoor scenery


Xbox One controller support


and a Title screen. Whoop whoop!



Right now I’m working on a little painting game. I actually started it over one and a half years ago, during a very long and boring train ride. I kind of want people to draw a bunch of abstract stuff, while they’re actually not really aware of what they’re doing, until it they’re done. So your goal is to hit these boxes that explode into colour. You’re also leaving a trail, so you keep painting on the screen, while you’re moving through the stage. Where it gets interesting (at least I think it’s interesting) is that the controls aren’t exactly precise. So even if you want to make something specific, you’ll probably mess up here and there. I also like the idea with the colourtrail, because the game isn’t really about hitting those boxes, but more about what you do between them.

The game also gives you an option to save your drawings at the end. I still need to sort out the music and do a titlescreen/options menu (I also still need a name), but I hope to release it withing the next few weeks.



Finally finished my first game after 3 years, moving on to finish my next one! (that i couldn’t resist starting months ago lol)

This one (the new project) is called BEAT THE ART BREAKER, and i guess it’s a beat-em-up of sorts? It’s basically my attempt to demake a Godhand-style game using 2d characters, while at the same time building+iterating on a simple 3D engine inside game maker studio that i can use for a few more small projects. It’s mostly done at this point - missing cutscenes, some additional polish, bugfixes, accessibility options - and I’m really curious what yall think.

break glass frogzs

Some recent test footage:


Saw a bunch of gifs of your game on twitter a few weeks ago and it looks so good! Really interested to see how it plays.


By the way this painting game of mine (called “Skuiggle”, because you Sketch and Wiggle) is going to come out fairly soon! Right now I’m actually looking for some folks to playtest it for me a bit, mostly because I need some feedback on how implemented the soundeffects and all that.

So if anyone wants to give me a hand, just let me know.


this looks awesome!


This looks so great. I’ve always been weak for billboarded sprites in a 3D environment and this is no exception. Love it.


Indie devs who have run Kickstarters, I’ve got a question for you!

What are some successful ways you’ve reached out to communities, writers, resources, etc. about your project? I’m hitting the Mid-Campaign Lull on mine now, and it’s gonna be challenging to keep momentum rolling. I’m doing the standard “be active on social media” in the meantime, but I’m worried it won’t be enough.


Hey friends!
I made a sparkly vaporwavey pastel-colored game for Bubblegum Jam. It’s a sort of 3d bullet hell deer photography sim. Sort of like Pokemon Snap meets Touhou. It’s also a little bit inspired by some recent conversations about Monster Hunter World, and the idea of a game where you can just hang out and photograph the monsters instead of fighting them.
It’s on PC, Mac, and Linux, and any feedback is appreciated!

Here’s the game:


I keep trying to reduce gif size to be able to post them here without losing autoplay functionality, and this time I believe it should work!

Just in time for the latest showcase: the expanded moveset for Acrobat Inti is finally in :smiley: Lots more gifs, animations and other considerations over at the devlog:

Next short term objective is to do the same for the Warrior, and the get playtesters to find all the faults they can with those while I prepare actual levels and level design, first by making mood boards/intention illustration for at least some of the levels!


Oh hey I have lots of exciting Tala information (hi there self-promotion time)

I’ve been holding the Tala teaser close until everything was ready for the crowdfunding campaign, and today I finally made it all public! It’s a short look into the general atmosphere and the way that Tala plays. It was pretty much built as a proof of concept to see if I could actually make it. Turns out that I could, hahah.

And if you’re interested, here’s the direct link to the Kickstarter.


Spend the last six weeks or so hammering out a very early version of my next bigger project. The game is called “Aether Stone 2” (it’ll have a proper subtitle once I can decide which one) and it’s an exploration platformer. My main driving force behind it was to create a game that gives you a lot of different movement options to play around with. It’s also my attempt to kind of turn the usualy ‘Metrdoidvania’ tropes on its head. Progression won’t be gated through powerups and even though you can find some additional tools through exploration, they are not mandatory to complete the game.
I’m also trying something strange in that there won’t be a real failure state, or health system.

Anyway, I just recorded a longer video that shows what I’ve made so far:


Aetherstone II is looking snazzy! The movement and combat looks super satisfying even though it’s still an early prototype. Nice!

I got a first pass of the travelling companion system working for Tala, so now it’s no longer going to be a lonely adventure! He’ll follow you around and he can pick up objects and interact with some environmental elements.