Indiana Jones 5 - Will It Be A Force Awakens Or A Last Jedi?


I’ve been thinking a lot about the new Indy film lately and now I am wondering what direction they will take it. A total nostalgia hit like Force or a new direction like Jedi?

It also depends on where they want to take the franchise. Will it be a one-and-done farewell to Dr Jones or do they want to keep the franchise going forward? If the latter, how do they even do that? It’s hard to write off a character when his name is in the title.


Turns out he was a replicant


Force Awakens or Last Jedi? Hopefully, if they are going to bother with this, they just make another Indiana Jones movie.


I mean what direction will they take it. What does “another Indiana Jones movie” mean?


Just like, some dusty old place, and then some bad guys and he’s running around and stuff. The formula ain’t that complicated. We all know it’s gonna be garbage anyway, because Spielberg is gonna fill it to the brim with shitty special effects just like he did the last time.


I had an idea for a new Indy movie that would effectively put an end to old Indiana Jones and usher in a new hero/heroine. Since Disney are behind it, it probably means that they would be looking to do their own thing with it and maybe kickstart everything with a new Indiana Jones. It would play out over different timelines. You have old Indy going on his last adventure sometime in the 60s/70s, I don’t think I would literally kill him off, I’d pose it as the one mystery Indy never solved, kind of like a metaphor for death and passing on - with the world still so full of mystery. In present times, his descendent picks up where Indy left off, studying his old notes. The modern times would angle it that there is no more places left to be discovered, no more mysteries, everything has been charted etc. This young descendent of Indy is still obsessed with the big mystery of their grandfather’s last case. I think you could tell a really earnest story that deals with passing the torch on in a progressive way, within the themes of archaeology and ancestry, and the wonder of the ancients and the importance of coming to an understanding of the past.

Just don’t cast Chris Pratt as Indy’s successor. I heard it mentioned during the release of Jurassic World and whilst it would be funny to see old Indy ‘making up stuff as he goes along’ it like a pro, juxtaposed with his descendant bumbling along in a less savier style. Just no Chris Pratt.


Bring. Back. The. Young. Indy. TV show.


Well, Indy does have a canonical daughter that is never named.


And I know he’s best left forgotten, but it’s fairly heavily implied that Mutt is his kid, too.

(Yeah, yeah, Crystal Skull doesn’t exist/isn’t canon/etc.)


I saw Crystal Skull over the Christmas break. It’s not a great movie by any means, but I argue it has more going on for it than most movies. It just has that Spielberg touch. I don’t even mind the fridge moment. I think it leads to that great shot where old Indy clambers out and looks out over a mushroom cloud. He’s seen the power of the ark of the covenant and found the holy grail but it all kind of pales next to the power of the A-bomb. He’s an old man in a terrifying new world.

Then I just remembered the aliens (no, interdimensional beings).


It was always the snakes


Would anyone complain if Indy 5 was more like Creed?


If Harrison Ford is in it, it’ll probably be more like The Force Awakens imo.