Indie Dev Is Refreshingly Honest In Explaining Delay: Too Many Good Games

'The Fall Part 2' hit a last-minute snag, and suddenly it might release against games like Call of Duty. Oops.

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“which is suicide for an indie.”


This is “too many good games” in a slightly different way than I expected.

That said, I think Warner made a good choice when it came to being honest (although, as we’ve seen around other discussions of indie transparencies, that’s a tricky thing) about their reasoning. I also do pretty flatly think that indie devs have to do what they can to squeeze their niche out in difficult spaces. If the big fish swim in Q4, the other seasons might be more prosperous feeding time. If you can afford to sit on your game for three-four months, more power to your sails! Hopefully it’s a success.

I bought The Fall part 1 for an absolute bargain in a sale on Xbox. I was surprised by how good the story was and the deliciously dark humour. I hope part 2 gets some coverage from the big sites.

Patrick having the twist of The Fall Part 1 explained to him and going “oh fuck that’s pretty good” is one of those audio clips that’s embedded in my brain


You think making the game was hard, finding the right release date got to be a nightmare when it may fall into a month of major releases.

There seriously are too many great games right now, which is a great problem to have on the consumer end, but still. I only just got a Switch a few weeks ago, so I’ll still be playing Zelda for a while, and I also only just got around to playing Pyre and Tacoma, and haven’t finished either of those yet. I haven’t touched my copy of Mario + Rabbids yet, I really want to get Layton’s Mystery Journey, Danganronpa V3, Hiveswap, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Cook Serve Delicious 2, and SteamWorld Dig 2, and there’s still stuff like Super Mario Odyssey and the Superstar Saga remake on the horizon (seriously, where am I gonna find the time for all of these?). I totally loved The Fall Part 1, but yeah, I’m 100% ok with them delaying it to make sure it can be as successful as possible.