Indie Folk Folks


Pretty broad genre but it sorta really rules. After the recent releases of albums such as Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy and Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked At Me, along with upcoming releases such as Fleet Foxes’ Crack Up, this thread seemed apt.

Don't post any songs

I’m so ready for the new Fleet Foxes to happen in my life.


What exactly is Indie Folk? What distinguishes it from normal folk?


I’m not super into folk but if people haven’t listened to him, Josh Ritter is a fantastic artist. Really good storyteller


Indie folk is usually more progressive in terms of structure/instrumentation/lyricism where as traditional folk is more roots-y and focused on storytelling and has instrumentation more in line with country music. Thats just my viewpoint though, and there are plenty more comparisons/contrasts out there. Also I am by no means an authority on music so dont take my flimsy definitions to heart lol


It is very pretty, but perhaps too cerebral for normal relaxing listening haha I really like it though! Thanks for sharing! I thought folk was something people sang in their log cabins haha


I just saw Jenny Owen Youngs live a few weeks ago. She put on a great show, but I think my favorite part of it was actually her witty banter in between songs.


I was pretty unfamiliar with her but I just checked out some of her work and was really impressed! Super unique voice.


I’ll p much take all recommendations from this thread. Really dig the genre even if I know very very little. Will throw out Frightened Rabbit as a band to check out.


To get your feet wet I very highly suggest you check out the album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning by Bright Eyes! Pretty short album, and its the one that got me into the genre.


Gotta throw out a recommendation here for the album Don’t Let The Kids Win by Julia Jacklin - it’s on endless rotation for me at the moment. I think she got a special nod from Emily Eavis to play Glastonbury this year. Nice to see some home grown talent from here in Australia making such an amazing record too. :+1:


Hello yes I came here to rec ya’ll some of my faves.

Tired Pony, a collective of musicians with vocals by Gary Lightbody, the front singer of Snow Patrol:

Blaudzun. I don’t think he considers himself an indie folk musician but his songs (and especially his voice) are really something:

His second album is a little more uptempo but equally good:


I tend to find a lot of indie-folk stuff a bit tiresome because I am getting old and earnest squeaky singing boys with an acoustic guitar and a banjo don’t appeal to me so much, but Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra is one of those rare albums I need to listen to every day.

Within this musical region Iron and Wine do some fine things- particularly The Trapeze Swinger which is one of those songs that I love totally. Tom McRae is an amazing songwriter and Gillian Welch has a feel of real deep-rooted authenticity coupled with subtle and wholly modern songwriting and Emmy The Great is one of the best lyricists around. Her first album is quite something.