‘Injustice 2’ Is the DC Comics Crash Course I Never Knew I Wanted


Yes, I know Bats and Supes, sheesh. Who are all these other guys, though? OH, I SEE.

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This all could be said for the CW-verse. Firestorm, Captain Cold, Killer Frost, Gorilla Grodd, and freaking Mad Dog have been in these shows recently.

Whatever gets you into the wacky, wonderful world of comics is great. DC has a lot of weird in the margins. Blue Beetle has been around for a long time, just more often as Ted Kord. In fact, Blue Beetle was inspiration/going to be Blue Beetle in the Watchman.

The only bummer about Injustice being your in to these characters is that it is just about the most cynical possible look at them. Except maybe CW Arrow, which still appears to be attempting to be Batman.


Injustice (the games and the Tom Taylor comics) is what comics can be at its best. It takes the 75 year history of the brand and makes it into something fun and accessable with just enough seriousness to feel emotionally weighty. It bothers to account for every weird asset of that universe, from the Constantine occult stuff and Wonder Woman’s Pantheon of Greek Gods to the multiverse and the more cosmic elements of the story. Setting the games up with 5 year time jumps forced them to think of how to present these characters’ histories to not only people who don’t read comics, but also to people who do.

Even of you hate fighting games, look up those cutscenes on YouTube. It’s a good time and imo one of the best depictions of Harley Quinn (not saying much but still).


Re: Harley, I think that’s actually an important point. Both the games and the attached comics have turned her into character with agency finally. She made it through hyperbolized abusive relationship and has obviously rejected the Joker’s manipulation.


Almost everything I know about DC characters is from the various cartoon series that started with Batman: the animated series. The JLA cartoon especially had a huge roster of very obscure characters , it also dipped into the what if superman went bad scenario.