Injustice 2 Waypoint Guild

Hadn’t seen any other topics on this so I went ahead and made a Waypoint Injustice 2 Guild. Thought it would be fun to play with people from this community.

Guild Tag is WYPT

EDIT: The guild ID is SHVQQ. Sorry for the confusion!!

Thanks dude. I came here specifically looking for this. Playing on PS4

If this is for the PS4 version I’ll be sure to jump on it tonight.

A quick note: the staff would like to ask anyone making a guild in a game to clearly establish that it’s a community and/or unofficial group and not actually associated with or run by Waypoint. Thanks!

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(UK PS4 player here) Anyone else having trouble finding/joining the guild? I think there’s a max limit of 50 members, so just wanna know if that’s already hit or something.

Is there an official one then?

The servers were down in the States last night, so that may had something to do withit.

Tried it again now, searching WYPT in the Guild ID section and its’ saying Guild Not Found. No idea what the deal is there.

Having the same issue :frowning: I wonder if the Guild ID code is different than the guild name?

Sorry everyone I just now saw these.

There are two separate ID’s so try SHVQQ. I will edit the original post to reflect it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will make a disclaimer at the top of the guild board that this an unofficial community guild.

Joined the guild tonight but it looks like I was only the second person to join. It would be cool if we could get a big group going.

Just joined! Hopefully we can get some more now that the new code is posted here!

Ah there we go, now I’m in the Guild, let’s show the internet who’s good and good at it (and make Guild Coin while we’re at it).

Seems I was too slow getting on the bandwagon, the guild is full now. :cry:

Just gotta make that Waypointoo Guild obviously.

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Oh boo, my copy only just arrived and I wanted to get in on a Guild. :frowning:

I’m kind of amazed that it filled up so quickly.

If you guys who got shut out want to make a second guild I’m sure that would be fine, and you could post the ID here so more people could join. I know GAF has like five guilds at this point.

I’ve made a second community guild, the name is Friends at the Table based so if you’re into that then, feel free to come on over!

Guild Name: The Chime
Guild Motto: The Bells Are Ringing…
Guild ID: 6R7JR

search 6R7JR to find, it’s free join right now so come on in!

A second guild would be great. I am really happy there are so many fans

I just joined this second guild that Jackson made! please join us in the Chime and let’s get some good fights going on!