Instead of the Oscars, I Watched Comedians Drunkenly Praise Old Movies


Disclaimer: I’m friendly with Eric Thurm, who hosted the Drunk Education show.

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You’re not alone. Oscar ratings have been dropping for the past couple years. I’m more into music than movies, but I haven’t felt the urge to watch the Grammys in several years either. Even if you ignore the fact that legends have passed away without receiving the recognition they deserve, award shows are just kind of bad. Who wants to watch rich people congratulate each other for 3 boring hours? Oh and by the way their outfits (worth more than the average viewers salary) are often given to celebs for free or worse: they get paid to wear designer clothes!

The relevance of awards shows get inflated by media people (No shade Danielle, promise) who need to cover something the next morning. It’s one of the big downsides of I experience from following lots of journalists on Twitter.


I like Sandra Oh. Has she been really good in something lately? I only really know her work on TV.


As someone that’s been working my way through watching all of Drunk History, I am fully behind watching drunk comedians praise/explain old stuff.