'Insurmountable' Finally Gives Us Video Game Mountains Worth Climbing

The thing about “See that mountain? You can climb it” is, it was never all that fussed about the actual climbing part. It was just a promise that some conspicuous peak in the distance was real, something you could touch and stand atop, and if the reality of that meant switchback bunny-hopping against a low-res rock texture to no real benefit, well, so be it. If we think of it as a mathematical proposition, it would be much more interested in its own unstated corollary: that if the mountain is tangible, everything on the route between you and it must be tangible, too. And who knows what mysteries that might hold?

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Given how much I loved Death Stranding, I’m very interested in this. Slow, specific traversal is tons of fun.


Had the same immediate reaction. I’m really looking forward to what indies inspired by Death Stranding will do in this space.

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