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So, I’ve been thinking lately since that PewDiePie thread went up and realized that, wow, we have a big problem with a lot of us somehow managing to end up watching, reading, or listening to people who happen to be really racist, sexist, homophobic, ect. Rather than make a list of these people to avoid, because that would definitely be a disaster waiting to happen, I figured why not take that idea and try something more positive instead?

The idea here is simple: just list out some content creators on the internet you enjoy and would like to recommend to people. Be detailed as to way, and be sure to list out any possible triggers or content warnings if necessary. You can recommend for whatever reason, be it someone has good politics, is simply entertaining without resorting to being racist or sexist or ect, and whatever else.

And the reason I’m making this instead of pointing to the other recommendation threads we already have for stuff like podcasts or leftist youtubers is because I think those are really restricting, especially because so many content creators today make all sorts of stuff. I’ll even update the OP post as long as I can with recommendations and credit to the original posters, and make additional summary posts every once in awhile after.

I think this is the best option in the long run than having multiple recommendation threads for something that’s become so universal for us. Just, like, have a big old list anyone can add to for cool people making cool stuff.

And hey, if you wanna plug yourself, feel free to (I will not be doing that since I made the thread and I feel that would be a bit gouache).

Just please remember to bold the name of the content creator or group and leave a link somewhere, maybe with some recommendations of their stuff to try. And remember, you can suggest video makers, podcasters, streamers, web comic artists, just artists in general, writers, and whatever else you can think of.

I’ll start the list out. Keep in mind that my expertise is mainly Youtube, I have to think a bit harder on other stuff (and I doubt I need to even mention Homestuck at this point).

Pop Arena - A Youtube channel dedicated to media criticism in general. Does a lot of literature stuff, but will cover most anything. Most notably doing a series about Nickelodeon right now called Nick Knacks, going over the full history of the channel and every single thing they ever aired. He’s even working on a book version, and it’s very well researched. Staunch anarchist.

Recommendations: Nick Knacks series, Goosebumps Monthly, Doctor Who Book Guide

EmceeProphit - Youtuber I’ve been following for the past few years. He does videos on games, and is known mainly for his Symbolism in games series, where he goes over a given game’s thematic core through examining their symbolism. He’s been hit by general Youtube shenanigans lately, so I figured I’d make him one of my first shout outs.

Recommendations: Digimon World Review, No More Heroes Symbolism series

Red Angel - A game critic I found out about through a short lived indie gaming podcast. Uploads are very sporadic, but her few pieces of work are all really well thought out.

Recommendations: Parasocial Relationships video, Oxenfree grief video

Movie Nights - Old TGWTG people (hello, fellow dinosaurs) probably remember Lupa, aka Allison Pregler. She still makes things on Youtube, if you didn’t know and only heard of her again after the Channel Awesome doc hit. She does a lot of silly stuff on TV and movies, and she’s grown over the years, even apologizing for some offensive jokes she made in her old Charmed series during a recent review of the Charmed comics.

Recommendations: Baywatching, The Ghost Writer review, a recent two part list of all the most ridiculous things Tyra Banks has ever done on Top Model

Lazy Game Reviews - Probably the guy with the highest subscriber count I’m bringing up here, but I just feel like more people need to be aware of Clint’s work. The guy is a genuine PC gaming historian who reviews old games, shares weird tech history stories, and talks about video production and PC repair, among all sorts of other stuff. He’s just a really chill guy with a great voice who might be the only nice guy on Youtube who is genuinely nice.

Recommendations: Anything from his Edutainment month specials, Tech Tales, the Ninja Nanny review (you HAVE to watch this one, whatever you do)

Renegade Cut - A film criticism channel run by Leon Thomas, a leftist and former teacher who does weekly videos using films to explore political and philosophical topics. Currently doing a four part series on tribalism among DC movie fandom, and plans to extend content into literature next year.

Recommendations: Left Behind movie (he made an actual movie digging into the Left Behind movies, it’s really good), It’s a Wonderful Life video, Little Shop of Horrors video, The Incredibles video

Panoots - Best known for a thirty second cartoon he made making fun of r/gaming way back in 2012, Panoots has started making videos again lately, shifting from animation to whatever he feels like. I bring him up because he did an hour long video about Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and gives actual interesting criticism of the game that has basically been impossible to find on the internet since forever. His earlier stuff has not aged well, but he’s grown since.

Recommendations: KONG - A Documentary (the whole video is a piss-take and it made me laugh more than anything has in awhile), Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts retrospective

Nitro Rad - pretty nice guy living in Canada who studied film and ended up making videos on Youtube. Some rough early videos, like the Ty reviews, but his stuff nowadays is slickly produced and filled with great game design criticism. He looks mainly at indie games, B-grade platformers, and when October comes around, horror games.

Recommendations: Bubsy 3D (he actually completed it), Clock Tower series, Petscop, Haven: Call of the King, Siren series

Matt McMuscles - One of the former members of Super Best Friends, he started a solo channel about a year ago and it’s been growing in size and scope since, moving from regular LPs to cut and edited LPs, retrospective videos, and a few running series with wildly different topics, including one where he sits down with his wife and they judge video game fashion. The crown jewel might be the Wha Happun series, based on an old catchphrae of his that looks at video game history disasters and goes into why they even happened. The Guy Game episode is especially incredible.

Recommendations: Crymetina Critiques (minus the JoJo episode where Matt revealed to everyone he hasn’t watched past part three), Wha Happun, Best Killer Instinct themes list, Prince of Persia retrospective, Edgelords


NakeyJakey has got to be, for me, one of the most positive people in the space of video game content on Youtube. Every video I ingest of his content just makes me feel good, and he has that kind of silly warm personality that reminds you why you enjoy people putting things up on the internet. I really can’t recommend him enough. I’ve been following him since his early days, when he did a series of videos called ‘Games That Should Bang’ about game design conceits that he think would mesh well together, but since then he has gotten more comfortable on camera in his newest format… The workout ball.

Jakey has such a fun, energetic style when it comes to his editing and performance, and the way he embraces the schlocky tropes of his past videos as a sort of ‘lore’ just makes him all the more endearing. ‘Hotboys’ and ‘Gamer Girls’ are labels he saturates every video with, along with the ever hilarious was he plants his himself in the scene of the game going on behind him. And of course… He does a song for his patrons at the end of every video.

Some of his notable videos are videos he did for Mother’s and Father’s day:

Or the ones he does about subjects that are adjacent to gaming that hit a certain nostalgic note for me in particular, being a kid who grew up in the late nineties/early naughts:

One of my FAVORITE bits he has ever done is how he calls out the typical white dude protagonist that appears in EVERY video game, so PERFECTLY accompanied with Dave Matthew’s Band:

I knew from when he was first starting out that this kid was going to be something special. I subbed long before he got a following, and I wouldn’t ever regret it.

(CW on some language.)

He isn’t perfect, but I never feel he says anything in a way that is hateful or problematic. There’s literally no venom in this guy. He’s my favorite youtuber to pull up as comfort viewing. Give him a shot, you won’t regret it.


I want to second @JKDarkSide’s recommendations for Renegade Cut and LGR. The former is a great channel for introductions to a myriad of philosophical and sociological concepts (albeit with some relatively dry presentation that might turn some folks off). And the latter is, as JK says, is a fun channel made by a nice guy who actually comes across as a genuinely nice person.

Some of my own recs:

RagnarRox - Probably one of my favorite YouTubers right now. He started off focusing almost exclusively on the Silent Hill series’s idioyncrasies with his “Monster of the Week” series and its various influences, but has since branched out to talk about both horror in general and even some lesser known games that he feels are worth remembering. What’s so good about his particular brand of criticism is how he always goes the extra mile to contextualize any given topic in its psychological and sociological implications, which helps to solidify why horror can be such an expressive medium for creators. Most recently he released a feature-length critique on the PS2 game, Rule of Rose, which – for my money – is probably the best video he’s done: going into topics like childhood trauma, abuse, and Marxian class politics at length.

Recommendations: A Journey Through Rule of Rose, The Cat Lady and the Parasites of Mental Health, Junji Ito - Spiral Into Horror

Super Eyepatch Wolf: Y’all, I went so long trying to find ANY decent anime YouTuber. I’m pretty ignorant of that particular scene, so it felt like the only channels I could find were the most popular ones. And those were…let’s say ‘not great.’ Then I found Eyepatch Wolf earlier this year, and it was like I had discovered someone who made videos just for me. Instead of riding the cynicism train like a lot of other anime YouTubers, SEW mostly focuses on showing off the things he genuinely enjoys, and it shows in just about every video. It’s because of his channel I got into shows like Hunter X Hunter, JoJo’s, and Kaiji. He’ll also make videos about non-anime things like professional wrestling and The Simpsons, and while not all of his videos are glowing with admiration for his subjects, those tend to come from a place of disappointment rather than anger or entitlement – his retrospective on The Simpsons being a great example. Simply put: he always goes into every video wanting to be positive.

Recommendations: The Genius of Dragonball, Why You Should Watch Hunter X Hunter, The End of Naruto, any of his “My Favorite Things” videos, Why Pro Wrestling is Fascinating

Jack Saint - Another in the pantheon of LeftTube I recently got into. He’s only been doing the leftist media studies essays thing for a little while, but what he’s put out so far has all been really solid and interesting. Particularly, he seems to focus on Identity and its relationship with media (including topics like: LGBT representation in 90’s cartoons, the PlaneBae story, and the NPC meme).

Recommendations: The Truth about 90’s Cartoons and “LGBT Brainwashing,” The NPC Game, Sky High: Disney’s Fascist Eugenics Movie

HIJEK - Another channel I got into recently. This one is nominally a channel run by a collective of artists and animators, though it’s output as of late has mostly been at the hands of one of its members, Joseph (or JoCat). After his “Crap Guide to Monster Hunter” series blew up this summer, he’s been doing a lot of different stuff from his “Overly Edited” let’s plays of Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, a video essay on Klonoa 2, and a self-explanatory series called Character Creator Critique. For such a young channel, a lot of what’s there is really good and well-worth watching.

I will give a CW though: they tend to say b***h a lot for comedic effect in their comedy videos (CCC and the Klonoa video avoid that though), and the Switch Axe episode of “Crap Guide to Monster Hunter” has a shitty “did you assume my gender?” joke that Joseph later said he regrets using.

Recommendations: Overly Edited Monster Hunter World series, Character Creator Critique series, A Crap Guide to Monster Hunter World, Klonoa 2 - A Mascot Forgotten

With Spandex - Not a YouTube Channel, but instead a Professional Wrestling vertical! I got into watching the sport of full contact chinlone last year when Lucha Underground came to Netflix (and hearing Alex Navarro’s emphatic recommendation that people watch it). I ended up enjoying it a lot and wanted to find what other folks had to say about it. It was then that I stumbled on this Uproxx vertical and the writing of Brandon Stroud, a genuinely decent guy who seems to love wrestling while also hating the fact that he loves wrestling. I’ve since fell off LU, now watch NXT, and I still follow everything they put out on their site. Their reviews are a joy to read and their features are creative and, sometimes, genuinely heartfelt. Like Super Eyepatch Wolf is for anime, With Spandex is an oasis of decent takes within pro wrestling’s often toxic fanbase.

With Spandex

Recommendations: The Wrestling Episode: ‘Boy Meets’ World Champion, Part One, Peyton Hearts Billie: A Queer Fan’s Perspective on the IIconics, just about everything Brandon has written about Lucha Underground


So, I’m going to recommend Adam Koebel here: almost all of the things he has on YouTube are first streamed on Twitch (apart from his monthly-vlogs, and the current Vlogmas series of one-a-day mini-vlogs for December).

and for twitch:

Adam’s mostly known for being the GM in Residence for much of Roll20’s content (if you enjoy the Roll20 specific stuff, you’ll want to look on their YouTube and Twitch rather than Adam’s), and for, similarly, much of RollPlay®’s content in that regard (again, you’ll want to look on their channel for that). On his own channel, though, you get:
two series of “reader questions” driven advice shows (Office Hours for advice on GMing / RPG stuff in general; Hot For Teacher for relationship and being a human advice)
semi-regular “GM prep” streams for the many RPG’s he currently GMs, if there’s some interesting stuff that he’ll be working on, or Roll20 stuff he’s showcasing
his current game-dev stream series on what will become his second RPG (after being co-creator of Dungeon World), Womb of Night
the usual “streaming games for viewers” thing that people do on Twitch
and more!
Adam’s both a good person to follow, and also connected to a lot of the rest of the non-toxic bits of Twitch (which do exist, you just need to find them).

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I came to this thread to post about PopArena but @JKDarkSide already got there. That guy’s presented some of the best researched media history videos on YouTube right now.

Gotta shoutout Bobdunga, who reminds me of NakeyJakey but with a Canadian flair, she tends to cover the sort of underlying tropes of PSX-era games and she’s just got a very genuine sense of humor that’s always a joy to watch

Also former USGamer editor Jeremy Parish is doing impeccable work in the chrongaming arena. He’s headed towards cataloguing every game on the NES, SNES, and Game Boy in video format and he’s incredibly adept at critiquing old games on their own merits.

RetroPals does something similar but with PSX games in their “PlayStation: Year One” series. Right now they’re uploading the music videos from a 2001 pseudo-DDR style thing from Bandai, but they put out their last Year One video pretty recently. They also stream on Twitch pretty often and they’re fun to watch there too.

Then finally gameonysus, who does really solid vids on modern gaming topics

Two movie-based recommendations:

FilmJoy aka ChainsawSuit aka Movies With Mikey
Former Gearbox writer Mikey Neumann has a movie essay/review series that is just overloaded with positivity. A few of his videos where he digs into the underlying themes of films, like Interstellar or The Iron Giant, can be just as emotional as the film’s themselves.

Warning: this is the same guy who wrote Borderlands 1 & 2, so while I don’t think any of his humor is problematic, it can be an acquired taste.

Patrick (h) Willems
His essays tend to be a little more technical than Mikey’s, but still very much approachable. Two of his more popular videos include one rant about how nobody knows what a plot hole actually is, and an analysis of the drab color palette of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the second one he presents some scenes with more saturated color and the improvement is striking.

He also makes his own short films, including a series of “What if X made Y” (i.e., What if Wes Anderson made X-Men?). It’s just a fun channel.


Chip And Ironicus may be the best Let’s Play team on the internet.

CW: some rude/unenlightened language occasionally if you go way back in their archive to their very early stuff


Since this is “Internet Content Creators” I’m going to slip in some non-game people here.

I’m linking a search page for Welcome to the Basement, because its main channel, “Blame Society”, does a lot of different types of shows. They did Chad Vader a decade ago, they do boardgame stuff, but Welcome to the Basement is currently my favorite thing they do. It’s somewhere between Mystery Science Theater and, I dunno, more serious film crit of some kind. There’s an air of class to what they do, but they still crack jokes and do funny voices and impressions. They also are really good about picking movies I’ve never heard of along side classics I know my parents revered. Unlike MST3K or Rifftrax, these aren’t full movie commentaries, by the way. Each episode is about 25 minutes.


I get kind of grumpy about formulaic stuff on Youtube, but Ross’s Game Dungeon takes the typical Youtube Video Game Review format and makes it work. And by that I mean these are less “reviews” and more like full-game summaries where the person critiques a game moment-by-moment until they reach the end. Ross is a weird dude, but funny and likeable. His other series, Freeman’s Mind, is also great. It’s almost like a Let’s Play of Half-Life, but from the perspective that we can hear Gordon Freeman’s inner-monologue. Early episodes of that are a little hard to go back to now, but that’s only because current episodes are so good.


Channel Ahoy is incredible long-form game documentaries by Stuart Brown. Big focus on first-person shooters and the British gaming scene. Don’t miss the Doom and Quake videos, but you could probably pick literally anything here and have a good time. One of my current inspirations.


I’ve been subscribed to Brickroad for a long time now. Probably one of the first Let’s Play channels I subbed to. I’m not going to say he’s the best-kept secret on Youtube or anything. He’s not as funny as some of the more popular Let’s Play channels, he doesn’t do much in the way of deep criticism, but he’s consistent, professional, and has a very tightly-knit community given he still only has 3000 subscribers but makes enough money on Patreon to do this full time (last I checked, anyway). He also doesn’t flood your feed with multiple daily videos, instead going for a more relaxed “when I get around to it” schedule. Just a nice, chill, sometimes-grumpy dude. I don’t expect many of y’all will actually subscribe to him, but I had to tip my hat anyway. His (now ancient) “Super Metroid at 143% Speed” Let’s Play is what got me to subscribe to him.


Classics of Game posts extremely short out-of-context clips of obscure games doing bizarre things. It’s one of the most compelling channels I subscribe to.


If any of you remember sites like Retrojunk, there was another site along those likes called “X-Entertainment.” It was focused on talking about old movies, old merchandise, etc. from the late 80’s and early 90’s. X-E was eventually bought by UGO, and UGO got shut down. So, X-Entertainment got rebranded in to Dinosaur Dracula. That’s… that’s all. This is his Youtube channel. He mainly posts goofs about Halloween junk he finds.


If you’re looking for more good game documentaries, The Gaming Historian is a great source for that kind of stuff, and has a decidedly more Ken-Burns-on-PBS feel to it. Make sure to watch the Tetris documentary, The Super Mario Bros. Movie documentary, and the Satoru Iwata documentary.


After years of toiling in obscurity it seems like this guy’s star is finally on the rise. Stop Skeletons From Fighting (formerly “The Happy Video Game Nerd”) just does a lot of wholesome gaming discussions. Reviews, discussing oddities and why they were notable, things like that. If Ahoy and The Gaming Historian makes it feel too much like you’re in school, SSFF’s lighter, friendlier tone is probably more up your alley.


This channel’s been all over the place, lately. It used to be for a show called “No Small Parts” which focused on lesser-known actors, until Amazon hired the guy to produce the series for IMDB (which now focuses on flavor-of-the-year celebrities). That meant he had to remove all of the old episodes of No Small Parts, so he nuked EVERYTHING on the channel and rebooted as a weird sort of joke thing? Where it was just him and his friends filming things that “made them laugh” on a crummy old camera specifically with the goal of going back to “a time before every Youtube channel had to be its own TV station”. That must not have worked out, because it got re-rebooted in to The Back Focus, a film-centric channel that seems to be doing what No Small Parts originally did (focus on lesser known actors in small roles) but also talking about lesser known movies… and also how weird Christopher Walken is. It’s funny! I like it! I’ll probably watch anything Brandon Hardesty puts out because he’s super good at talking about movies! But there’s no denying it feels kind of like they’re still finding their footing a little bit after the Amazon buyout.


And the last one I’ll post for now is The Proper People. At some point I fell down a deep Urban Exploration hole and The Proper People probably have the best production value out of them all. It’s also surprising they haven’t been arrested, though I suppose they wouldn’t necessarily show that, if they did. They’ve definitely come close to being caught for trespassing (see: the Abandoned Steelworks video). It could be fake, like some of these urbex Youtube channels probably are, but they’re subtle enough about it that it probably isn’t fake, and even if it is, it never feels cloying. Beautiful imagery, either way.

And then there’s my channel, but I’ll admit (perhaps self-depreciatingly) that I don’t update very often and my output is insanely inconsistent when I do post something, so YMMV. I do video reviews in the Gametrailers (or I guess now Easy Allies) style, but I have other ideas cooking.


Popping in to rep LocoPojo. He’s an Eternal player with a small following who plays a lot of hilarious janky nonsense but he’s very laid back and clearly just enjoys the game. I’ve basically never seen him get annoyed so I assume he’s just permanently jovial. Yes this is also a call for people to play Eternal already, it’s fantastic and I refuse to shut up about it.

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Smight and the arcade pit crew are ceritfied good peeps who also create funny content.

Smight runs the aracade pit, which is a weekly game show on twitch, and puts highlights and other contents up on his channel, including speedrun races and other things. One of the main announcers for it is trans, and is openly accepted by the contestants and other members of the group.

There is also TieTuesday
Who while somewhat problematic language wise at times, is a good person at heart and often talks positively of his lgbt+ friends, and talks shit about the ‘anti sjw’ and ‘gamer’ types. He’s good people.

CreamHeroes is by far the cutest most wholesome channel on YouTube. It’s just someone in South Korea with a bunch of cute cats in their apartment and it just never fails to brighten up my day.

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He specializes in Mario romhacks, but over time has breached out to other platformers and occasionally non-platformers. Currently he has there sides (LPs) running simultaneously: A side- Mario romhack (occasionaly official game that is Mario related) B side- usually a platformer requested by his patrons and C side- All The MegaMen which is, well, all the (platformer) Megamen. He has been lp-ing for a looooong time now so there is a lot of backlog if that’s what you are into but it’s not nessecery to enjoy his content.

His commentry is often rambly & semi-nonsensical but very enjoyable, I enjoy his lp style a lot cause he does not relay on shouting nor cursing for humour. He often time also shares his thoughts about gameplay or the plot.

Since he has been Lp-ing for such a long time there’s good chance his older stuff have questionable stuff but his recent stuff I can recomend pretty much without any warning unless it’s related to the game he’s playing. The biggest issue would probably be occasionaly videos that have rapid flashing in them but he usually warns for those in the description.

As for LPs of his I real liked:

Toadette Strikes

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

and finally:

All The MegaMen.

Yes, it is over 500 episodes long and will likely be above 600 by the time it finishes but it is fascinating to look how a long running franchises can evolve. If you don’t feel up to watching all of the episodes you can just look for a game that interests you, the first episode of new game has it’s title in it’s name.

I know he’s kinda niche in terms of the games he likes but Quill18 is such a positive and friendly guy.


I’ve only watched a few of her videos, but I looove the content Grace Lee puts out, especially her Utopia vid. Her editing is slick and her topics well-researched.

She NEEDS more subs and followers.

Tito Please makes very bizzare and funny short sketches that more people should know about.

Nobody’s mentioned it yet so I thought I’d highlight Game & Love, a webring of queer video creators, streamers, and writers talking about videogames!

There’s a wide variety of creators with different focuses, but each of them takes an inclusive approach to talking about this stuff. Here are a few of my highlights:

Curly Brace, our very own discord mod extraordinare also does some very good videos breaking down game mechanics while talking about the feelings they invoke.

Their video on how Ape Escape teaches class warfare is probably their best known:

but I’m personally a big fan of The Truth About Fighting Games a series of poetic metaphors that communicates what is so painful and brilliant about the genre:

Hazel creates music and video essays, and I’m very into her video on finding catharsis in the troublesome queerness of horror movies:

She’s also done some very good essays on stuff like creepypasta and why Bad Games Are Good:

The Retro Pals are a bunch of goofs who stream old, obscure games. There’s def some games I wish they gave a little more leeway instead of dunking on, but in general they’re good natured and very funny, as well as highlighting obscure stuff I didn’t know anything about.

Like this live action game by Enix about a woman who keeps finding bombs in absurd places and needs to quickly defuse them:


Also! There’s me! Siegarettes!

I do concise, introspective video essays on several games, finding the unexpected in them and treating them as proper art objects. You may have seen this video of mine on What the Shadow of the Colossus Remake Doesn’t Understand About Art:

I also do Quick Look style videos with my friends and I’m currently doing a very long retrospective of the best damn games of last year:


Noor Naem:Noor Stars
Noor Naem is also from Iraq, although based in Michigan in the US. She operates her channel under the name ‘Noor Stars’, which currently has over 9.8M million subscribers and 1,115 million views. As well as makeup reviews and ‘beauty hacks’, Noor also films challenge videos and has a whole playlist dedicated to ‘storytime’, where she lets her readers in on embarrassing and funny stories from her life.

** Rayan Al Ahmari: MjrmGames**
21 year old Rayan Al Ahmari from saudi Arbia is the star of the channel MjrmGames. The channel has 5.5M million subscribers and 574 million views, making it the 4th most popular channel in the Middle East.
Rayan Al Ahmari describes himself as ‘Just a gamer who seeks entertainment’, which is a relatively accurate insight into what you can find on his channel.

I’m surprised nobody has highlighted Noah Gervais in this thread. Noah’s videos are basically huge essays read aloud over gameplay footage. They’re a fantastic, impressionistic form of games criticism and I could to listen to his voice for hours. He should really be doing VA work.

He has a unique perspective that blends his position as a minimum wage service worker, his history with mental health issues, and the conflict between his idealistic conception of America and reality, which he interrogates consistently.

His most recent video on Fallout 76 is by far his best work.


Heeeey, I have a few more:

So, this is most recent sub that I’m happy with. As someone who has trouble sleeping a lot of the time, and has trouble getting comfortable with dead silence, I looove putting on one of these and as background noise and slipping off to sleep.

My current vid to sleep to is this:

It feels like you’re on the Starship Enterprise. It’s great.

Lessons from the Screenplay is a fantastic channel that focuses on, of course, writing. A lot of the time, I feel like he’s presenting something people already kind of know, but just can’t put it into words. He has this ability to bluntly explain the writing process, but in a way that’s incredibly intoxicating.

My recent fav:
[Spoilers for Annihilation, obviously]

(CW Warning: This channel below is a horror fiction channel. It can be incredibly disturbing and unsettling, but not in a way that’s grotesque or offensive. Think Hereditary over Saw.)

Yeah, LOCAL58 is fucking awesome. It basically started as a bunch of short horror films set around a cosmic event that interrupts 80s/90s broadcasting. But, in the recent months, LOCAL58 has dived head first into crafting more into their horror lore, with fake cartoons, culty PSAs, and more. I love this channel, and they recent vid they posted had me laughing with unease in a way I haven’t felt in a while:


I gotta revive this thread to share SHORELUNCH with Nate P.
It’s a Minnesota based cooking and fishing show that’s super entertaining. More people need to watch and follow this channel. I love it.