Internet out, now what?


So currently in Brooklyn, at the time I’m posting this, the areas internet is out (Including phone and TV, that how bad it is). So instead of panicking in the morning I watched some shows I downloaded and took some time looking over my pictures.
So when your internet comes down what do you do during the time it getting repaired?


I play with my pupper!


Last time my internet was out for an extended period (several weeks), I played UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com) and that Gollop magic still holds up.

No DRM check requiring me to go online, no messages about servers unavailable, just a great game and hours and hours of fun blowing through building with a rotating roster of heroes trying to save the planet.


I play this:

Which is not necessarily the best roguelike ever (but it’s the only one I have really played learned how to play). Every unique enemy is equally shitty, but Sonja is the most equally shitty.

And I listen to this:

You can find the shows on YouTube and other places. Man moths?


Depending on mood and availability: read, sew, listen to music, go on a walk, do the stretches that the physical therapist recommended but which fell off my daily-habit list long ago…

Unfortunately I don’t own any composing software so my current tinkering-obsession would not be fulfillable (there’s an online thing that I use, which of course would not be accessible during an internet outage).

ed: well, not easily fulfillable, anyway. I do have a staff-paper notebook, but like… I am super messy and not a musician and I don’t have a piano keyboard, so it’s nice to be able to edit on the fly and also hear playback of how multiple things sound together, okay?


Ironing. I usually end up ironing because I keep putting off ironing because it is tedious and mind numbing & requires just enough focus where you can’t just focus on a show entirely.

Or sleep because I could always do with more sleep.

Edit: Skate!!!


Read, nap, or play guitar usually.


Usually I’ll have a childish tantrum first about the internet going out then I’ll do that other stuff.


I google what to do when internet is out.


Do the house chores I’ve been lazily postponing all the time. u.u

Put some music and go dance with that broom.:man_dancing:


Start listening to all the podcast episodes my phone auto-downloaded over the past few weeks that I never had a chance to listen to. Also enjoy going for a drive, I can charge my phone in my car and get some fresh air.


Crack open a book and get to readin’! I’ve always got something on my to-do list that needs working on, so it’s usually a safe (and fairly time-consuming) activity…


Floridian here. My power was out for three days thanks to Irma and I’m counting myself lucky in that respect because that’s all that happened. During that time I took plenty of walks while catching up on podcasts and I read comics I had been meaning to get to. (You should check out Injection btw it’s dope) I tried to do creative activities, but no AC meant my brain turned into gravy.


I turn into the “World Without Zinc” guy about five minutes after I lose the internet or the electricity goes out.

“Can’t play online? Oh well, maybe I’ll just watch Netflix instead…”


To steal an idea from one of Warren Ellis’ newsletters, you could cover yourself in paste, stick cats to your body, and spin around in public while declaring that you are the Whirlfang Kitty Dervish.

People would watch and be like, damn, I wish I could film that and put it on the internet right now.


when I was first moving into my old place with my brother and a friend as roommates it ended up being like a month before we could get the internet guy out to hook us up so we ended up playing a lot of old videogames and watching dvds together. it was, arguably, all downhill after that.


when my net goes out i die


I usually continue playing the single-player game I was playing, only to later find out that the internet went out.


Read. Watch the small library of movies/shows that I keep on a portable hard drive. Clean, sometimes. I got a lot of that sort of thing done when Irma knocked my power out for a week.