'Into the Breach' Is About Abandoning the People You're Supposed to Protect


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I’ve only played this for a couple hours, but I kinda started thinking about this the first time I failed. Except thinking more about the civilians left behind.

There was a time I took damage to the core and lost a couple hundred people. The CEO for that island hopped on my comm, and in so many words tells me that the people here can’t go back in time if things go wrong. You can think of them as numbers, as a resource, but something sticks with me when I lose people in this game. When I lose runs, and blip into another timeline, these are the folks I think about and I think the game conveys that by holding the frame for just long enough after your pilots are gone.


I have yet to fully lose a run, (not terribly far just yet) but I did abandon a timeline for sort of min/max and powergamer-y reasons, like I just wanted to try a new run with a max level pilot and my more accurate model of the mechanics…

The text around restarting even in the deliberate reset case had me feeling like a huge heel for not seeing that first blundering run through.

Makes me wonder about ‘Groundhog Day’ scenarios and how some media may have convinced us that once we twig to the pattern, we’d be comfortable gaming the system and working within the wild ruleset laid before us… But what if the Langoliers-esque horror of all the doomed iterations of people just kind of broke you? I guess after this and Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat, I’m less sure that I’d punch [Again?] after trying hundreds of times than I was as a teenager…


Everyone picks there battles. Even when clearing a island 3 sectors are overrun by the vek.
As for clearing a planet. Thematically you follow one pilot and the others go to another timelinr. Maybe you will see them in a pod again some day.


Someone really needs to do one of those graphs that have been done for timelines in time-travel films, but for pilots in ITB.

What does it look like if you complete a timeline? What if you fail? What happens to the other pilots? Where do the pods come in? What do the graphs looks like with different interpretations of time travel in the game?