'Into the Breach' Turns Mech Combat Into a Tactical Dance


I am definitely guilty of filling in the gaps of the characterization and storytelling.

Ralph Karlsson is my personal Kyle Reese. He came back in time to teach us how to fight. At our lowest point he put himself between a civilian building and a Vek, knowing he would die. His sacrifice brought us out the other side with a new determination that has led to one decisive victory after another.

I rarely buy games on release day anymore but the way Austin and others discussed this game I decided to pick it up and have not regretted it one iota. There are maybe 2 or 3 games a year that really get in my head and have me thinking about them when I am not playing them, and this is one. If they released it on Switch I would happily buy it again. My point is this game is gooood, y’all.


So I got this game last night, had my first mission and then finished my first island today, and goddamn freaking Jesus this game is GREAT

I just love how there are so many options and the game takes nothing for granted. Like, one of my frustrations with X-Com is how enemies just appear randomly and you have no way of planning ahead because an alien could just appear behind one of your soldiers and destroy them. Here not only do you have a clear indication of where enemies are going to appear, but you have something to do about it - just get on top and block them, but then that’s resources that you can use for other things.

Plus, so far, no attack is just an attack. Every attack has the potential to also shift enemies (and allies) around, meaning that you always have to take your and your enemy’s positioning before and after an attack. And along with the need to defend buildings, sometimes really important ones that give you reputation, this means that you spend just long stretches of time thinking about the consequences of every action and trying to come up with the plan that will cost you the least, because you’re going to lose something.

Like, just now I had basically a boss fight where this mean pink worm that damages anything in a straight line was about to hit a building, and this felt like it would probably ruin the whole thing, which is bad news. I wanted to use my Punch Friend to hit it, but it was stuck to another bad one, and my Tank Friend was needed in a different row so it could hit another bad one which was about to hit a building. I ended up using my Artillery Friend on the bad one who was sticking my Punch Friend, causing some self-damage but freeing it up, then moving Tank Friend and shooting to move the bad one in its sights, and then having Punch Friend punch the worm into the same row as my Tank Friend, sacrificing some of my HP but saving both buildings. There was very little damage actually done, but I basically managed to corral all the baddies into easily assailable positions for the next turn, suffering minimal civilian casualties and getting the extra rep for destroying the pink worm.

I know that’s just rambling nonsense to most of you, if not all of you, but I just had to write some words about how great Into the Breach is holy hell


I would be shocked if this doesn’t make it into the Switch at some point. Hell, I see no reason why there shouldn’t be a mobile port of this.


I rescued Henry Kwan from a pod. Hello, Henry, welcome to the resistance.

Henry dies on his very first mission. Thank you for your service, Henry.

This game has its hooks in me the way only Civ and Stellaris are capable of. I love it. I love the way my brain feels as it becomes increasingly more sluggish after every mission. Spent but satisfied.

And shoutout to that song that plays on the ice island. That one’s dope.


Oooh, shit, you can block the emerging bugs??


Yeayeahyeah! Just stand on top of them. But a unit blocking an enemy takes 1 damage each turn, so it’s actually better to block enemies with other enemies, so it gives it this extra tactical thing where you corral enemies into incoming enemies and oh shit I have to get back to my game


Ohoho, I just finished my first island, and used both of those blocking techniques! The final two territories were flawless and super fun as they evolved.

This game is So Good!


The minicast about this game made me add it to my wishlist. Very very specifically: Rob brought up how his enjoyment of FTL was hurt by the realization of the endgame mechanics. Same, oh my god. I thought I was alone in this, but I enjoyed the journey of FTL until I managed to reach the ‘finale’ screen and figured out the way it works. After I got utterly pulverized, I just… stopped playing FTL, deciding it just wan’t for me.

But the refutation of that, it makes me willing to give ITB a shot. So thank you for this article and the subsequent conversation on it, you managed to hit such a precise concern of mine, what are the odds.


I’m loving this game. The lack of randomness and the emphasis on position and units that can attack in very specific ways makes it feel a lot like a chess puzzle at times, which I’m very into.

I’m also really liking the variety of the teams. I’ve got four squads so far and I think I’ve liked each one more than the last. I just finished up a Steel Judoka run and had a blast. I love that they are entirely focused on manipulating your enemies position. They probably had the steepest learning curve out of the squads I’ve tried, but they are really fun once you get going.


I get the impression that iOS was one of, if not THE strongest selling platforms for FTL, so it’ll definitely be on tablets eventually.

Subset is a super small studio and not a porting house, so it’ll take them time to get this out on other platforms. Switch may sadly be lower priority than getting Mac, Linux, and mobile ports ready, but it would indeed be a terrific fit!


Took a while, but

This game is rad.


Hellll yessss. Congrats! How’s the secret team working out for you?


I feel like the game is only 40% tactical thinking and 60% puzzle solving skills. Finding that optimum solution can be so very satisfying, especially when you’re just managing to sort out what specific move order and sequence of events it takes to deliver it. I love it, but I feel like these are different parts of the brain.

My only gripe is that I’m going to need an expansion pack in a big way.


Some of these “You didn’t do everything asked of you” captions are viscous as f.


I have played a bit more (a lot more) Into the Breach (oh my god I can’t stop playing it), and another thing I love about it (I am dangerously obsessed with this game) - even when I think I’m absolutely screwed and there’s no solution, I find something to do. Even if it involves using Tank Friend’s (btw, I have officially named all my mechs X Friend as detailed in my previous post) hookshot to drag one bug into the water, using Punch Friend as a human shield, and all this after using Artillery Friend to push one bug into the water and the other out of line of sight of my structures, there’s always some contrived, stupid, beautiful way of making it all work. I love it. I just absolutely love it (I have slept so little since buying this game).

Also, pro tip to everyone - read enemy descriptions carefully. I started a map today thinking I was already screwed, but reading something about the enemy I thought screwed me really helped. Mull over all of your and your opponent’s abilities before making decisions.


They bring some unique stuff to the table, but the drawbacks they have seem a little harsh. I’ve only done one run with them so far, so maybe they’ll grow on me.

The name makes the civilian dialogue pretty funny, though.


It works using Wine? Ahahahaa! I’m so not going to get any studying done today!


Yep, works great. Welcome to the party, pal!


Utterly perfectly.

I was playing until 2am.


Playing Into the Breach with all Prime-model Mechs is the game at its most Pacific Rim-y. Especially if you give your mechs names like Telsa Prime, Sumo Defender, and Hades Alpha. (Lightning Mech, Judo Mech, and Flame Mech, respectively).

Great for dishing out damage, but not much flexibility and board control. It might be interesting to try two primes and one Ranged for some versatility, but I also want to give it another shot once I’ve unlocked the two other squads. Or maybe I need to spread the team out more and put cores into move rate.

Anyone else been playing with three-of-the-same-class squads? How’s it going?