Introducing: A Show About Animals

Today we are sharing an episode from one of VICE's newest series -- A Show About Animals. This season, we tell the strange and wonderful story of the wildly famous Koko the “talking” Gorilla. 

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I hate when podcast feeds inject these cross-promotions, but I guess they’re unavoidable. Is there a way to reconfigure the forum bot to not post them here, at least?


While these cross-promotions aren’t for me normally I don’t really mind that they exist, I just delete them - but this time I was super disappointed to discover this was not in fact the Waypoint crew discussing their pets. We need to hear more about Mina and Una.


This is just proof that Waypoint is Vice’s most successful podcast lol


You’re Wrong About did a fantastic episode about Koko the Gorilla, if you’re interested. Turns out the story as much about gorillas as it is about severe biases against sign language and the deaf.

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