Introducing: The Waypoint Community Events Team


If you’re posting on the Waypoint Forum, you probably already know something that the moderation team is immensely proud of: we have gathered together and made something really awesome in the Waypoint community. Part of our goal as a moderation staff for 2019 is to foster that notion and help it grow, so we can share that with even more people.

To assist in that, a few of us on the Discord and forums team have started a dedicated events team. Our goal is to help you feel like there is always something cool going on that you can participate in, whether that is through events we create, through streams that we so, or by giving you the support you need in making your own great event.

The events team is chaired by @Frostily, with @quantumdot serving as Admin. @Paraj is Organization lead, @Marcy and I (@WeedLordVegeta) are coordinating as Communications leads. @video_gh0st will be doing all our design work.

We have a whole lot of great plans coming up for the rest of the year. If you have ideas to bring to the community, please get in contact with Weedlord or Marcy, and we will do everything we can to make your idea real.

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