Introducing Waypoint to Someone Else

Hello everyone, my partner has become interested in getting to know the Waypoint crew and such more. She hears me talk about them, laugh at their videos and podcasts, and things like that and wants to become more familiar with the people of the site so she can follow along with my stories better. She is somewhat familar with Patrick since he played one of my Mario Maker levels back in the Mario Maker Morning days. I’m not the best with words though. There aren’t really any best of videos on Youtube (the last one is from like 2017) which is my usual go to. So has anyone else had this experience of introducing the Waypont crew and content to other people? What are some tips you have? Much appreciated everyone!


this video with no context


Man, I don’t know.

Waypoint is such a nest of inside jokes and references now I’m not sure I’d be able to recommend it. Imagine someone coming to a videogame podcast and getting an hour of Rob’s stove troubles? Only someone with a long-term parasocial relationship with the crew would like that. :smiley: Although it may still be funny for someone who doesn’t enjoy games.

Maybe if your partner enjoys something that’s been covered in a non-game related episode, like the Halo Show or The Batman or another Waypoints?


My partner and I watch movies or TV shows that come up on the pod and then after we’d experienced it for ourselves, it would be a fun thing to listen to them talk about as we were going to bed or while we cooked because we could talk about their reactions. Even as an English literature major, my partner was floored by how much the Waypoint crew managed to get out of the BBC Pride & Prejudice casts.

I think like most things though, find a topic you both enjoy that has come up and share it with them. If they aren’t enjoying it, its fine! If they do enjoy it though, well, there’s yet another captive audience member to groan in empathy at the next Zacny major home appliance purchase.

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I usually recommended The Purge series as a great deep dive into a series most people are familiar with. Especially since it’s a thoughtful conversation that acknowledges the often good aspects and where it falls short.

Either that or the Uncut Gems episode as a great intro to Gita as well.


One thing that a lot of diehard Waypointers have in common is that they came to the site after getting into another project by someone on the crew. So lean on the extended universe. Did someone you know get into Drive to Survive lately? Get them to listen to Shift+F1! Or that McElroy fan you know would probably love Friends at the Table. All they need’s a little hit, and then the process to becoming a full blown Waypoint sicko takes care of itself. :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone for the tips. As most of you said it is quite difficult to bring someone in on the Waypoint train without having to explain so many different jokes and backstory. Oh maybe we can get a Lore Reasons on Waypoint to help explain all of the amazing characters and story of the Waypoint universe! :joy:

I don’t know why I didn’t think about it, but my wife is super into the Jane Austen and Austen-like books, movies, and shows. So maybe I can get her to listen to a Be Good and Rewatch it episode on Pride and Prejudice or something. It would allow her to hear and become somewhat familar with the people I would tell her stories about. Thank you again everyone!


I have always found recommending podcasts et al. to other people to be really weird and awkward. I think, given the nature of the parasocial and the frequency of these things, it’s almost like trying to recommend a friend to someone, and it’s just weird and awkward.

Personally, I was introduced to Waypoint after a public figure was called out as an abuser (this was Nick Robinson whose work I was engaged with) and, in trying to process that, some person (I think on Reddit, believe it or not) recommended the recent Waypoint Radio that covered it. That episode also had some hooks (Danielle stanning Prey, the story of the B&B Chicken Dinner stream) that brought me in further. But the thing that brought me in was a specific issue that I wanted to process and understand better.

In that sense, I guess, I would try to look for things that appeal to their specific interests. (I mean, there’s also that banger episode where they talk about alien alloys. But that’s pretty old and I think half of the cast on it is no longer on the show.) This ethos basically applies to any podcast recommendation, though, IMHO. But due to the rolling nature of the podcast, that’s a little more complicated. It’s easier to recommend an article since it’s just one article. And as for streams, I would always recommend Savepoint?

But I dunno, it’s always fraught and awkward!!!


I came to Waypoint from listening to Rob on Three Moves Ahead. So, I guess I could recommend that?

TBH, I think the best way to sell someone on Waypoint is to send them an article from the site that they would vibe with and then just mention that the same folks have a podcast.


I think this is a good onramp.

Maybe doing something that would allow your partner to follow Waypoint on a specific journey, rather than just an episode/video? I started listening to Waypoint after the 2020 Ubisoft allegations, and kept listening to the occasional episode, but wasn’t really invested until I played resident evil alongside the crew. I guess that’s more of a long term than rather than an initial attention grabbing video or anything, but it might help in giving some direction.