IO Interactive Goes Indie, and Keeps Important Hitman IP


The Danish company announces that they’re “officially an independent studio.”

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Great news that they were able to keep the Hitman IP. They have all the talent they need to make great games and they deserve to be able to carry on their baby going forward.


This is so great to see. It’s rare that a studio gets to go back to indie and isn’t just broken up. Here’s hoping they stay successful!


This is wonderful news. Now for the switch port…


Just awesome. Would have been a travesty for IO and the Hitman IP to be separated. I rarely buy games full-price at launch these days, but I have every intention of doing so with Season 2 and getting the full episodic experience (which I missed with Season 1).


when I first read this news I fist pumped so hard I knocked off my headphones. I am curious what this means for season 2. like, does Sony still have some claim to that specific game? does IO take ownership of it and can keep producing seasons of content for it or do they have to do a soft reboot where they season two as a separate game and then build subsequent seasons into that. I guess we will find out soon.


IO’s decision to style their name as ‘IO-Independent’ on the website is pretty incredible.

Looking forward to hearing the details of their plans next week. Hitman (2016) had a very turbulent path to its success, so hopefully it works out well for them this time too.



I’m happy for IO that they are able to keep the Hitman property for themselves. And I’m happy S-E let them have it. Although they probably got something out of the transaction, it’s rare that a publisher is willing to give up IP, even if they have no plans on using it. I’m curious where IO goes from here, as I’m guessing they don’t have the funding to publish Season 2 and future Hitman properties themselves. Without Hitman they’re a talented studio. With Hitman they’re talented AND valuable. I could see a publisher like Bethesda swooping in and giving them a lucrative offer.


My main hope right now is that they are able to keep using the same release strategy they used for Season 1. My biggest fear is them launching a Kickstarter for season 2. Also maybe then we can see them try other creative experiments like they did with Kane & Lynch initially. I wish them all the luck in the world.


i’m so relieved!! i really hope this means we’ll get a season 2 but i’m excited for whatever they do next tbh


I am glad to hear this; I hope the respective employees that IIRC got laid off in the chaos of the initial Square Enix debacle were able to get picked back up with the newly formed and independent IOI.


Bombcast crew was trying to figure out who had the money to buy Io cant wait for them to respond to the fact they bought themselves


So they’re an independent developer but still a just developer. Who would be a good publisher for them to work with? Take-Two seems like it’d be a good fit and at worst Bethesda could also work.


Ubisoft maybe? It could become the Home of Assassination™


I’ve said this before (probably even somewhere else on these forums), but you know who could do right by IOI if they ever need some help from a bigger publisher?


And that’s only partially because I want to see Agent 47 driving a briefcase in the next Sega All-Stars Racing game.


I am now curious if they only received Hitman rights and not Kane and Lynch, Mini Ninjas, and Freedom Fighters as well? Hitman is obviously more popular and prominent but I’m wondering if that happened as well.


I don’t/haven’t play/ed a Hitman since I went back in time to play the first one. (Liked it, just never played another because I’m a bad person.)

I’m very happy for IOI. I hate how rights to properties work with respect to owners vs actual developers. I think it’s all sorts of fucked. Understand why it happens or has to happen (in our current structure of capitalism), but ugh ugh ugh. Very very happy for IOI.

Also stoked for the fans because they get to keep playing the series!


I personally hope its THQ Nordic. They aren’t that far away from IO & seem willing to let devs space to do what they want. Also they need a bigger property to get them attention than Darksiders. I don’t know how much money they got to publish & market a Hitman game though.


Out of any publisher I think Bethesda is the best fit
Take-two meddles way too much with their games and next thing you know, hitman would be an e-sport. Bethesda seems to be pretty content with letting their devs do what they do and working with IOI would be a huge win for them too.