IO Interactive (Hitman Series) is announcing a new project tomorrow! (Project 007)

There is obviously not a better possible developer for this. Shame it probably won’t have Hitman’s very good politics due to the nature of the IP.

I’m wondering if this will basically just be Hitman with a James Bond skin or if they’ll take it in a different direction.


I have to imagine that the core gameplay loop of blending/sneaking/shooting/gadgets will be very recognizable from Hitman, but there’s room on top of that for variations. I imagine a dialogue tree that lets you seduce people, for example, and a sort of “mark and execute” style system for taking down multiple enemies quickly.


I hope they do something fun with the casting/face capture for Bond, but yeah, IO Interactive making a James Bond game is a great fit and even if I’m not a fan of the franchise, I’m interested in this. Also if they could get Mads Mikkelsen to reprise his role from Casino Royale for some convoluted reason, I’d be extremely into that.


Finally, the Alpha Protocol follow up I’ve been dreaming about


God yeah I really want this to be like a single player action RPG with a Bond character creator even though I know the chances are infinitessimally small. LEMME ME MAKE A BLACK WOMAN BOND YOU COWARDS


The thing Austin cites about how you start playing a game when you first hear about it is in full effect right now.


What the new movie is doing is having a black woman as 007 (which is a title), but not Bond, which makes sense and I hope they do that here.

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Ooh, I always though it was just another pistol, I didn’t know Bond was staring down 7.62 during the gunbarrel sequence… What? I’ve been watching a lot of Forgotten Weapons during the quarantine. Who hasn’t?

I say we make it even more difficult with the other stylish form of Bondian locomotion, Skiing. Ubisoft has probably fired enough of the Steep team that IOI can gobble them up. I mean, I refuse to believe James Bond could ever be anything but an Alpine traditionalist with not a single influence from the slopestyle of Steep but they could make it work. They could learn how ski poles work.

I mean, as an insecure White man who wants to be James Bond due to complex issues with images of masculinity growing up in a cultivated upper-upper-middle class household of German luxury cars and an impressive minimum of Hermes products, I would love to play as Daniel Craig’s Bond. The grit, the embittered sass, the bisexuality, the Aston Martins and the too small Tom Ford suits, almost dying crashing the former of those two and definitely ruining the latter? That all sounds great.

But fine, if everyone else wants to see themselves in the “sexist, misogynist dinosaur [and] relic of the Cold War” off to go protect Queen and Country in a way that’s probably still terrible then I guess I will get to headcanoning my Indian-English MI6 agent that is also the son of Vijay Amritraj’s character in Octopussy. Will the game let me kill a man with a tennis racket like Vijay (the character was also named Vijay. Don’t look at me, this was Roger Moore bond. Is that really a great sin within Octopussy?)? Well, it’s IOI so actually very possibly. But if not, I at least will know that he still knows from his father that a proper pro level high tension tennis racket has a head heavy and sturdy enough to mess someone up good.

This is what I’m actually expecting. I hope they have the good sense to not go full Roger Moore but I have killed too many people in elaborate slapstick ways performed completely dead serious by 47 for this to be some grim Dalton/Craig affair. Save that for the John le Carre game made by… I wanna go with, Failbetter?

And, you know what: I wrote a structural outline for a Bond movies and adapted The Tempest into a piece of spy fiction in the style of with it during my junior year of undergrad. IOI, I am here and ready to make story pitches.

Now I’m dying to know just how much game they have now. Is it a spreadsheet and some concept art? Or might we get a target trailer at the Keighleys? The mind abounds.

This is like, legitimately the only acceptable channel about guns to watch on youtube. Every other channel is… very reactionary. And that’s putting it lightly lol.


InRangeTV is also good! Come for the competitive shooting events, stay for the videos about the Underground Railroad, internment camps, land theft, and police violence.

And finally C&Arsenal is a good “just the facts” channel in the vein of Forgotten Weapons. Most of the other channels who have collabed with Forgotten Weapons and InRange seem ok, too, although TBH I get a slightly weird vibe off SinistralRifleman.

Anyway, that’s all very off-topic, I just wanted to share that there are at least two other actually-pretty-good GunTube channels out there.

I’ve heard good things about InRange from some folk I just always forget about them!

We forgot what seems like the obvious ask of: Will we be able to kill Sean Bean in this game as well? Will he seemed to have died at the beginning only to show up again later alive to die again as happened in both Bond and Hitman?

It’s this trailer, Barbara Broccoli desperately saying yes to anything that’ll put the franchise in a good light, someone at IOI’s Agent 47/James Bond shipfic, and by next week, Daniel Craig calling them pleading to do the mocap work because no one will give him another job till this stupid last Bond movie comes out.

I have to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing the NoClip documentary about how people managed to make full-on mocap/pcap video games during COVID. I know portable pcap setups exist (Respawn used one during last year’s Game Awards - I think - to have one of their actors do a live performance in-game), but I’m mostly looking for footage of Yuri Lowenthal wandering around his backyard in a mocap suit talking to himself as Spider-Man.

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Genuinely my first thought was of the way promising young filmmakers are immediately snapped up for e.g. Marvel franchises which necessarily limit their voices… but I remain a Marvel mark, so I won’t begrudge anyone excited by this.

I’m cautiously optimistic about studios picking up licensed IP because it can go very well (Spider-Man) in the right hands and under the right circumstances. But I also don’t want the games industry to just turn into Hollywood II with Call of Duty competing with the three studios big enough to handle Marvel IP and everything being buried under a mountain of Battle Passes.

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Excited for this purely on the basis of goodwill for IO and fond memories of Bond games from the PS2 era. Nightfire and Agent Under Fire were actually pretty good!

Rob talking on the podcast about how EON Productions has a history of being hands on when other people use the Bond license actually has me optimistic about this game. Sure, we won’t get 007 in a flamingo suit but this kind of participation is probably how the game gets Daniel Craig and Aston Martins in it.

Though I could see IOI making a sell of Bond with enough of a tonal difference from the current movies that it actually entices Daniel Craig. Happiest thing in the world for me would be if he ends up with like a Lance Reddick and Destiny level of interest in working on the game.

I don’t know if Daniel Craig is interested in being in a video game (I don’t know if Treyarch got him in the booth for their Quantum of Solace game), but I do know that a few folks from Treyarch visited him on the set of some movie he was working on and they brought a 360 dev kit so he could play that build of the game. He wound up just buying the dev kit from them on the spot so he could keep playing after they left.

Given the timing on this, I assume it’ll feature the post-Craig 007 and be timed to hype up the next film.