iOS 10 still secure for awhile?

We have an iPad 4 (2012) that’s currently on iOS 10.3.3, and it’s not able to update to iOS 11.
Overall it still works, but with it not being able to update to iOS 11 I’m worried about it not getting security patches.

Should I be worried about that enough to drop $400 on a new iPad soon-ish?

I’ve never really heard of security being too much of an issue on iOS even with very outdated versions. Maybe don’t do your banking on your iPad if you want to be safe, but it should be fine for the foreseeable future.

My personal tradition is to begin jailbreaking or softmodding hardware when it stops being supported with updates. Might be worth looking into so you can unlock the full potential of your device.


We mostly use the iPad for watching videos and work email via VPN so I guess we’ll be good for a bit. Thanks!

iOS always have some problems with security

To somehow protect my phone I usually use fineproxy proxy server. There are many packages with different features. Moreover, private proxy has high speed, control panel and each package contains HTTP(s) and SOCKS5/4 proxies.