'Iron Lung' Is a Terrifying Horror Game About Your Inevitable Demise

I am in a ship that is also an execution. It is called the Iron lung. And I am not alone in this empty blood ocean.

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Reading this and hearing them talk about it on the podcast makes me wish they would do a stream of this game! I’d love to see it in action since I don’t have anything to play it on myself. It sounds super interesting and the atmosphere sounds perfect for a Spookin’ with Scoops or whatever the equivalent would be to Ren (sorry I’m not good at making up titles).

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I watched a long play of it, and I think it’s the kind of horror that just falls apart on stream. It’s a very in your head atmosphere kind of horror with almost no jump scares, so sitting there and talking through it would completely deflate the balloon.


That’s totally fair. As soon as I read your message and reflected on what Ren and Patrick said made this game so good, I know you’re right. It sounds like all atmosphere and spooky vibes game. It seems like a tension horror more so than a things scaring you type of horror. I can see a lot being lost when you’re not the one behind the controller/keyboard. Though I hope there is at least a deeper discussion about it because I’m incredibly intriqued by the game which is rare given I’m not a big horror fan.

Iron Lung sounds like you took all the scary parts of Subnautica and condensed it into a lofi package. I’ll have to check it out.

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