Is a pizza an open faced sandwich?


It’s baked dough with toppings. Seems legit to me.


no, it’s an open faced calzone OP


Yes, it is.

Pizzas sandwiches.


the fuck is an open faced sandwhich


What if a sandwich is a calzone???




Yes, pizza is a sandwich!


Is an open Faced Sandwich even a thing? People tell me it is, but I don’t believe them


This forum was a mistake.


It’s pizza, who cares so long as it is delicious?

Deep dish pizza is not pizza, though. It’s a cheese pie.


No. also. i was waiting for this topic to show up. So good job!



This shit should be framed and hung up in every library.


wait so does this mean hot dogs are calzones

im not very comfortable with this idea


This kind of garbage question was immediately disqualified on the bombcast for a reason.


friend, hot dogs are a subspecies of longbread. didn’t they cover this in the prerequisites


A pizza is an open faced pizza burger so yes



tostada tostada tostada


WE AIN’T NO BOMBCAST. WE SOME WAYFORUMS or something like that, haha.


Pizza is bread and cheese and tomato sauce and possibly other.