Is a pizza an open faced sandwich?


i would argue that a olive oil-based or pesto-based, no tomato pizza is just as much (maybe even more) pizza as the adapted forms you find in America


The line is a quote from an old classic vlogbrothers but yes, it’s more a guideline than a hard rule. No one would rightly argue that a Marinara pizza isn’t a pizza, after all!


:purple_heart: absolutely not. everything is pizza and pizza is everything :purple_heart:


Only if you fold it


Except pineapple is the best topping.


if an open faced sandwich is a sandwich then a pizza is a sandwich.


I hate the 2017 sandwich discourse and I want to die


2017 Sandwich Discourse already peaked, it’s all downhere from here:


Pizza is a pie. Hot dogs are dressed up sausages. There, I solved it.


I regret signing up for this website.


listen if you say youre gonna show me a good sandwich place and you bring me to a pizza place… I might be fine actually


A Pizza is a pie! It says so in the bible!


If you told me you were gonna bring me to a good sandwich place and you brought me to a pizza place I’d be fine but I’d still whack you in the head with a slim jim


No it is not

A pizza is a pizza


This is the worst. I hate all of this.


Words have no meaning. Everything is true, nothing is permitted. Or…something.


pizza dough is circular bread which is obviously an uncontroversial statement that i can’t imagine anybody has a problem with.
if you had bread with cheese and tomato on it and you believed in open faced sandwiches then that would be an open faced sandwich.
therefore ipso facto etcetera


The real question is: If you have two slices of pizza, and want to eat them at the same time, and you decide to fold them onto each other, that that make it a sandwich? I’ve seen sandwich-like things that were just stuff like steak, ham, or turkey inside pizza crust acting as the the bread/bun. They weren’t referred to as sandwiches on the menu. If I fold two pizza bagels on top of each other, did I make a pizza McMuffin? Is an Apple Pie a sandwich since there is crust on the bottom and on top?

I should’ve majored in food philosophy


if an open faced sandwich is a sandwich a pizza is a sandwich


um no

please don’t

say these things