Is an elevator a 🤖?

See thread title. I think they are. Also what are your fave elevators? Mine is probably the Tower of Terror.


They’re a kind of robot you ride in. Elevators are confirmed as mecha.


ONLY if it plays music inside

I’ve never been in an elevator that played kraftwerk though

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youve been riding in the wrong elevators hoss


elevators, much like robots, have their ups and downs, and although we can give them the command to rise or descend, we know not when they’ll arive at our floor. The elevator, like the black box obscuring modern automata, is a literal box which obscures its passengers, and in this essay I will


I prefer Super Elevators but once in a while I do enjoy riding in Real Elevators.


You took this to a new level


I like old elevators with gates you have to close by hand and which only carry 1-2 people because they are both fascinating from a mechanical engineering standpoint (something a lot of modern elevators abstract and hide behind their pollish and almost unnoticeable movement) and at the same time they’re terrifying. And also yes, they are robots.

I know this is a joke thread but I just wanted to share my thoughts on elevators.


all elevators are powered by a person on a bicycle

this means that they are modern automation which just obscures people through mechanical processes to allow you to feel like you are receiving a seamless service when, surprise! it was human all along


So you’re telling me that the rise of the machines already happened and nobody noticed?

Despite coining the term “robot”, in Rossum’s Universal Robots Karel Čapek describes his robots not as the electro-mechanical automatons we are now familiar with but rather as a series of motor-driven cable systems designed to lift passengers or freight


Haha, had to look that one up :male_detective:

Had never heard of that play before seems like a pretty neat author to look into, can you recommend any of his novels or was the play just a random factoid you knew about?

So the only thing of Capek’s I’ve ever read is RUR, but I would recommend reading the play. It’s very strange in parts, but I think he hits on a lot of interesting q’s about automation and our willingness to ignore the personhood of others. Also, the robots have a real politics, which I feel is something you don’t see a ton in early robot sci-fi stories. I hear his book about the super-smart newts is good too, tho.

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Elevators are robots because the elevator at my work place is my friend, and you can’t be friends with objects, but you can be friends with robots.

Thank you for coming to my Tedtalk, I’ve got merch out in the lobby.

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There was one of those in the building my grandmother lived in in Stockholm. All of those things are indeed great, as was the fact that on the outside, as well as a button to call the lift, there was one to send it back down to the ground floor. Even better still were the labels for the buttons: “hit” (the Swedish for “hither”), and “ned” (the Swedish for “down”).

Hit Ned. Poor Ned.

(Of course it’s not actually pronounced that way in Swedish, but still.)

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I’m also from Sweden so we are talking about the same kind of elevator :slight_smile:

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A grain elevator is a huge robot that traffics almost exclusively in bread


Cool! Those things were so much fun when I was a kid.

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I mean, you’d know what does and doesn’t constitute a robot I guess.

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