Is anyone else really bad at the new Wolfenstein games?

I played The New Order on PC a few years ago, I didn’t have a considerable amount of trouble with it, but I remember the last levels and final boss being this huge frustrating roadblock.

I went with a console version of New Colossus (Bethesda PC versions can be hit-or-miss), and right from the get-go, I feel like I’m repeatedly dying in completely embarrassing and/or momentum-killing ways.

I don’t fully understand how the game wants me to play it. You’re extremely fast but are usually under fire from too many sources at once to go in aggressively in the same way as Doom 2016. And it’s difficult to find a spot to hunker down in since you need to be scouring for pickups in firefights.

For context, I picked the Medium difficulty setting. It got to a point where there was this sequence that was set up as a thrilling power trip, but I ended up dying 10 times before completing it.

Is anyone else having a similar experience? It’s not something I’ve seen talked about much with regards to the game.

This is probably normal. The gameplay is disjointed in that it pushes you ahead and then requires you to slow down. The last level of TNO isn’t a good example of how The Old Blood and The New Colossus plays, though (that game ends on nothing but scrambles to cover and grab ammo, it’s all either offense, or delayed offense while you’re waiting to strike).

You have to play Wolf2 in a more deliberate fashion, you cannot go guns blazing. Listen to the NPCs, watch their movements, and then strike. If you see a commander (signal and distance) wait it out, figure out how your enemies move. If you do not see that, feel free to go guns blazing.

The odds are not in your favor in this game, always remember that. You are supposed to tip them in your favor. Also, there is nothing wrong with checking out how other people have solved a level if you get truly stuck.

Barring that, wait it out, use your axe, and if you tip the alarm run around the level to find the commander. The next time it loads, you’ll have a better idea of what to do. That’s stealth gaming 101.

I feel like the feedback when taking damage in New Colossus is almost non-existent. Many times I haven’t even noticed getting shot until it is too late.


Other a handful of times I felt like I got through TNO on normal well enough when I played it last week. Im only a few chapters into Wolf 2 and it feels like its kicking my ass constantly. Had to double check I didnt accidentally select a higher difficulty

It’s so weird but I was really good at The New Order when I played it, I think I only died a handful of times during the entire game.

But playing Wolfenstein 2 I’m constantly dying. There are sections in the game where I died like 10+ times. It feels like even at maximum health you just get shredded if an enemy holds their fire on you for even a second or two. There’s not really a lot of visual feedback for when you’re getting hit and picking up the health/armor pickups feels a little finicky. In the first game it felt like going slow and sneaky was the way to go for me, but in this one I had way more luck if I was constantly moving and playing extremely aggressively.

Yea, I recently played The New Order again and was extremely frustrated at certain parts.

I’m not sure if W2 is similar, but there are moments when they want you to figure out how to get through a set piece in a very specific manner and that can be annoying especially if there is the appearance that you have more freedom.

This has been my experience as well, I’m playing on PC with mouse and keyboard so there is no rumble which I’ve guessed is how it may be handled on the console version but I can’t even tell you the amount of time I’ve hopped out over cover killed a guy who never shot at me then suddenly realize I’ve lost all my armor and almost all of my health because there was a Nazi in a window I didn’t notice.

I want to play this game and it be challenging, but I don’t know that the inability to tell when I’m taking damage is challening or just bad design.

I’ll probably lower the difficulty today, putting these thoughts on paper has made me realize it’s not worth the hassle.

There was quite a bit of discussion on difficulty in the Waypoint 101 thread on TNO - my overall impression from that and from a full play-through (but I haven’t touched New Colossus yet) is that the key point is that you’re not supposed to be able to tank it against the overwhelming enemy firepower, so you shouldn’t even try.

You’re ‘supposed’ to play it more like a stealth/puzzle game, and once you work out the ‘solution’ for a situation then you can mostly avoid situations where you’re trying to stand up in a hail of enemy fire.

OTOH, if you want that ‘unstoppable badass’ experience, then the game will give you that if you turn the difficulty down. Either way works, but the only thing you don’t get to do is feel bulletproof at the higher difficulty settings.

I had a big problem with the difficulty. I didn’t even go for the most difficult when I began, I had managed to get through The New Order on Uber too. I had to switch down to Bring 'em on during the trial shoot out. I don’t think I’ve played a shooter in which instant death happened as quickly, we’re talking about Call of Duty 2 or 3 on the hardest difficulty when you would be dropped by two bullets or grenade spammed into submission.

At the same time, you only have 50 health throughout the whole game, which is kind of cool, because for most of the game BJ’s body is effectively crippled and the difficulty seems to hammer how weak you are compared to the previous game. I feel like my playstyle has changed in New Colossus. In New Order I was always sticking to cover and making use of that wonderful lean mechanic. I was going out of my way to be stealthier, but in Colossus, I find it’s easier to stay alive by constantly moving and dual wielding.

Okay now I’m having my ass handed to me at the “Stall the Nazis” mission. Probably died at least 30 times, but I think it’s because I started this section with low health and precious few ammo.

The thing that’s making me pissed off is that after my 3rd or 4th try, I killed everybody in the room except for a mechanized soldier, and backed my stupid ass down an elevator shaft and died, hahaha. This game has a million ways to kill you.

I’m playing on console and I’ve gotten very used to some rumble feedback when damage is taken, or at least a liberal application of strawberry jam to the screen. TNC doesn’t seem to let me know I’m hurting outside the health numbers ticking down.

This was the one to give me the most trouble so far. I had to basically be sprinting the entire time to beat it.

That was the only mission in the game where I turned the difficulty down from the fifth highest. I had not yet mastered my movement options (I didn’t even realize I had a slide move for a long time) and I started in a disadvantageous position with regards to health.

I had a couple sections where autosaves screwed me over a bit, with an autosave about a second before I had to murk one Nazi and then murk his buddy, but eventually I discovered quicksave/quickload and was able to treat it very much as an iterative puzzle in set-pieces like that. By the end of the game, though, I’d developed a rhythm: shotgun in the left hand, nailgun SMG in the right. Most of the combat was me collecting headshots with the SMG, and if an armored dude came up on me I’d bop him a couple times with the shotgun. That sort of multi-role dual-wielding made life a lot easier.

This would be a rough game to play with a controller though, I think. It was hard enough with a mouse and keyboard.

I wasn’t even able to finish the first game but I’m bad at games in general haha.