Is anyone else watching the horror show Chambers?

So I recently started watching Chambers on Netflix after hearing on Twitter that it was the first show to have an indigenous woman lead. I wasn’t sure what genre it was but I was willing to give it a shot on that alone.

Wow is this show intense. It reminds me a lot of the best parts of Twin Peaks: The Return, but a Twin Peaks that actually cares about and centers marginalization and economic disparity.

But I haven’t seen like, anyone talking about it. Is anyone else out there watching Chambers?


I hadn’t heard that much about it, but any show that can be compared to TP: TR has my interest piqued

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I was recommended this directly, and am hoping to watch it soon!

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My wife and I just watched the first two episodes based on your post…I think it’s fantastic so far. So many vibes: Twin Peaks, Hereditary, teen drama, etc. Love what they’re doing around race and the lead is so good. Thank you!

the addition of Hereditary to the Twin Peaks ref is upping the hype

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I’m glad you enjoyed it! I still need to catch Heriditary (I know, I know) but I can def see how the themes + art house direction would line up. Curious to hear what you think if you stick with it.

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