Is anyone excited about Halo 6?


Having owned the game since release day, I finally finished the campaign in Halo 5: Guardians this weekend. My buddy and I had attempted a co-op heroic run but we only got a couple of missions in before bailing (the only Halo we’ve never beaten together on “legendary”).

Halo has always been one of my favourite franchises for both the story and gameplay alike. I grew up on a diet of LAN matchmaking and pizza-coated Duke controllers as a youngin’, with fond memories of all the crushingly challenging legendary solo and co-op runs with the aforementioned buddy. We rallied together with the warcries of Johnson and clashed against each other on the towers of Lockout. I can’t count the number of hours of fun the series has brought me. Nor can I convey just how disappointed I was with the lacklustre Halo 4, the flaming train wreck Master Chief Collection and the soulless Halo 5.

I decided to drop the difficulty down to easy and just blaze through the missions in the hopes that I could at least glean something enjoyable from the story, but everything from the gameplay and level design to the plight of Cortana was as dull as the game’s colour palette. It doesn’t feel like a Halo game. It doesn’t feel like a good game, full stop.

So now I’m left in a quandary. I would love more Halo but I do not have any confidence in 343 with regards to what they can do to turn the ship around with Halo 6. Do any of you guys feel the same or do you have reason to actually look forward to the inevitable sequel?


i had no idea there were numbered halo games after 3 but i am just going to assume this tweet will become real in 2019


I’m definitely still excited for Halo 6 for the multiplayer alone. Halo 5’s multiplayer was excellent and it’s a shame that more people didn’t play it. The movement and shooting feels so satisfying, and the new maps are really well designed IMHO. Warzone got too bogged down in loot boxes, but if they can strip those away they have an excellent Fortnite-esque toolbox to do whatever they want with it (including a form of battle royale). I’m also an apologist for the 343 campaigns (namely for the expanding of the Spartan program and the new Promethean armaments), although even I’ll admit that Halo 5’s story wasn’t the greatest. They had a great first attempt with Spartan Ops in Halo 4, so maybe tweak that and bring it back?

Also, the MCC is doing quite well right now and I still play it regularly. Net code is fairly solid and they’re about to release a big update for the game that should improve it further. I recommend hoping into a few rounds of Team Slayer!


If it’s going to be Play Anywhere then maybe that’s interesting. Maybe even with a port of Halo 5 to Windows 10 (for the many people who owned a 360 but now are on Windows for MS gaming)?

As to the actual campaign contents… I really hope they’ve prepared an answer to the spectacle that Bungie are putting into their shooter campaigns right now. The Spartan Ops of Halo 4 felt like an experiment with ongoing stories that maybe worked as well as Destiny’s lesser DLC does (ie it fails to excite players) so I’d be somewhat surprised to see it return.


As someone who also grew up as a Halo die-hard, I am still excited for the possibilities of Halo 6. I agree with @Navster that the Halo 5 multiplayer was pretty damned underrated, and really felt great. I don’t play it much anymore, but I occasionally pop it in for some laid back team slayer or super fiesta (that mode is just the best kind of dumb fun).

I don’t know how they’re going to pull out the story, as Halo 5 was not super engaging on that front. That being said, I’m really ready for them to move on from Master Chief. Give us a new, compelling cast of characters, and tell some new stories in that world. I’d be down for that.


I haven’t played 5 because I don’t have an xbone, but I’m really hoping it and 6 will be brought to PC. I really love Halo and all the stories (I’ve read most of the books…Ghosts of Onyx was my first), and I’ll stan it until it really goes off the rails. Also, I don’t think I would hate a Halo Battle Royal mode…


I’d be a lot more excited about another ODST-style spinoff. That game did so much right.


Man that soundtrack was so goooood!


ODST: Battle Royale

Drop in, silenced pistols and SMGs all day, baby.


i spent an unhealthy amount of time playing the Halo games as a terrible 13 year old. even though my tastes have changed p drastically since then, they still have a place in my heart!

another ODST game would be real interesting. when i was 13/14, i was SUPER big into the lore and characters of the series. a few years after that, the end of Halo 4 messed me up good.

but i think if i were to go back to them, it might feel like Halo 4 (and 3 to a lesser extent) assumes that the audience cares more about Master Chief and Cortana as characters than i maybe do now. again, its been a while, but i don’t necessarily know that the dynamic between Big Emotionless Armor Man and Witty AI Friend were what made those games hold up, as much as the wonderful setting and designs?

and i think thats why ODST holds up so well for me. it felt like it got closest to recapturing the wide-eyed exploration of Halo 1’s stronger moments, in such a different context (a ruined city vs. Alien Space Ring Of Doom). and it also takes what was, by then, a fleshed out setting, and puts some more interesting (from what i remember) characters into it.


I…gah, I don’t know what to think of a Halo 6.

Halo 5, like all AAA games, is beautifully crafted. The guns look and sound better than ever, the increased frame rate does wonders for the feel of the game, and the dash button lets you make interesting decisions in combat. I get why it has its fans. But I feel like the things I love about Halo are not the things that 343 loves about shooters.

Among the many balance changes from Halo 4, 5 made sprinting a universal part of the player’s kit. I’m not one of those people that thinks that’s an inherently bad decision, but I DO think its emblematic of an arms race within the game’s weapon balance. A sprinting player can kill extremely quickly by sprinting, dash-punching, and headshotting. So in order to stay viable, automatic weapons (like the classic Assault Rifle) need to pump out more damage more quickly. It changes how grenades work, too - because players can cover distance quickly, explosive weapons need to deal damage over a wider area to be practical.

When you think of iconic weapons from the Halo series, what do you think of? Probably Halo 1’s Magnum, Halo 2 and 3’s BR, or maybe the steady pacing of Halo Reach’s DMR. Maybe that’s just me? My read has always been that the core of Halo’s competitive combat has been about precision over time, and I’ve felt that hasn’t been the case in Halo 5. It’s pretty rare to have precision contests at mid-long range when you’re only one dash, one button press away from taking cover. That long-distance shootout playstyle was Halo to me, and that specific playstyle now feels diluted. So if Halo’s going to play out more like every other shooter on the market…honestly, I’d kinda’ rather be playing Titanfall 2 or Destiny.

I guess it all depends on what “Halo 6” would even be. I’m at least interested, though, and that’s better than nothing.


I think something ODST-like is the bare minimum that they should be looking at for that series, but I don’t even know if that would be enough at this point.

Halo needs something.
Other than a BR.


I loved Halo 1-3, clocked so many hours on Halo 3 MP. I thought ODST and Reach both pushed the formula into darker territory, which is something Bungie and 343 are struggling to do as well today. It’s such a well established universe that’s rife for all kinds of story telling. Like what if you did a road movie about a bunch of refugees escaping from some kind of warzone, the only thing linking them together is a warthog that constantly breaks down - requiring the party to fix it.

I didn’t put sufficient time into the multiplayer of Halo V - I hear it was pretty good. I seem to remember a card system that initially prohibited some of the cooler stuff - that was a given in regular Halo MP. I’m still left disappointed about the campaign just thinking about it. My enduring memory of Halo IV and V was that spartan lady calling all the scientists ‘egg-heads’ and fighting those terrible Prothean enemies. They just had no range like the Covenant or Flood. You were either fighting the bullet spongey knights or their dog companions, which were always tricky to hit. I think Halo V had you fight the bigger knights on multiple occassions and man… talk about taking everything that is good about the open ended firefights and combat of HALO and funneling it into a series of lack lustre boring “SHOOT 'EM IN THE GLOWY BIT ON THEIR BACK” boss fights. At least Destiny still feels good to shoot stuff.

Also the sound design in the 343 games is too much. Everything clicks and fizzes, so much effort has been put into making all the weapons feel tactile and real but somehow it all feels too much.

So I don’t know about Halo 6 really… I guess I’ll finish the fight. Again. But I think the series peaked with Reach. The opening cutscene was the best thing about Halo V, a group of spartans just skydiving onto a mountain battling covenant in the process - of course, you could do none of that kind of fighting in the game. It’s further proof that they should just stop doing games and just do a Halo movie.


Maybe it needs a BR and a plasma pistol?


Not at all and I used to love Halo as a series. I have no faith in 343, especially after Halo 5, the campaign was dreck.


halo: reach was my first ever console game and the halo franchise will always have a special place in my heart so i’m interested in what they’ll do, but i was never able to finish halo 4…i didn’t particularly enjoy the mechanical changes 343 made that made it more like other shooters, since i didn’t play any other shooters (still don’t! halo is the only FPS for me) and it was just more confusing to me than anything, which made it kind of hard to get motivated to finish its campaign or get into multiplayer.

i’d definitely be most interested in a new halo game involving a story unrelated to master chief & crew, both because i’m nowhere near caught up on that story and because i’ve always found the self-contained storylines of the halo franchise interesting.


Similar to you, I cut my multiplayer teeth on LAN parties of Halo: CE back in the day. All the Bungie made Halo games were events, they were amazingly well made and even compelled me to read some of the early books based on it. I am a Halo nut… and then Halo 5 hit me. Man, it’s not good. The story is nonsensical and does nothing to catch up people who only play the games. Spoiler for the ending of Halo 4, but Cortana sacrifices herself for Master Chief at the end of that game. I accepted that she was dead and gone. Suddenly in Halo 5, she’s alive again. Oh, and evil. And there is literally a section where another AI character is asking the humans around him for information about how she’s still alive AND THEY IGNORE HIM. Also, Master Chief has been reunited with his old squad of Spartan-IIs… but off camera. They’re just together at the beginning of the game with no explanation of it. And don’t get me started on the insufferable Warden Eternal fights… a character name I had to look up because he’s so irritating I blocked him out of my memory.

Halo 5: Guardians made me really bummed about the future of the Halo story. I know story isn’t something that people go to Halo exclusively, but I did. Petty sidenote, see my Phoenix emblem? It’s from Halo 2. It’s been my Halo logo since I got on Xbox live. It’s why my name is what it is. It was included in Halo 2, 3, ODST, and Reach. It’s not in Halo 4 or 5. It’s a tiny thing, but damn it 343, it meant a lot to me.

I hope Halo 6 is good. But it will be the first mainline Halo game I can remember not pre-ordering. I’m going to wait and see what the reviews say on this one.