Is apple pie just Chicago-style pizza with fruit?


Pequod’s prolly gonna start serving it soon.


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I agree.

New York style is better.


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no, but it is definitely a sandwich


The real question: Is apple pie a fruity deep dish, or is deep dish a savory tomato pie?


yes and no – Chicago-style pizzas are already savory fruit pies, so there are a lot more steps involved to convert the pizza to an apple pie.

there have been pushes from either direction, but there’s still a wide gap in the middle. we’ve seen more sweetly-oriented pizzas with pineapple on pizza, and we’ve seen a touch of savory in sweet fruit pies with cheddar-crusted apple pies. the question is if you can manage mozzarella on a largely sweet pie.


If it means I can have apple pie for meal and dessert then I’m okay with it.


Pizza doesn’t have crust on top, apple pie does. Apple pie is more like a fruit calzone.


If this was true, does that make pineapple pizza a thin fruit pie?


Lemon meringue is more like deep dish pizza


I’m offended but not sure why


These questions NEED to be answered!!!


I want you to know that i posed this question to a child just now and they walked away from me and just said “wow”.


This is a surprisingly backhanded way of asking is Chicago style deep dish actually pizza?


A Chicago Deep Dish is just a lasagna that takes out all the pasta and adds a crust, which is a downgrade imo. Just have a lasagna. Love yourself.