Is Art . . . Video Games?


Art has frequently borrowed the classic video game theme of “boss battles.”


Single-point perspective was the first GPU


Judith Beheading Holofernes was the original co-op campaign.

CW: It’s the brutal Gentileschi everyone loves.

But off topic, Donatello’s statue is my favorite Judith beheading Holofernes.

Many a Judith beheading Holofernes depict the violent and spectacular struggle of Judith in the moment of cutting off the head of a large and strong man or in the satisfaction in her holding the head as it were the trophy of her accomplishment but here Donatello depicts Judith in a position of power and strength as she deems in holy judgement that Holofernes is fit to die.


This work is beautiful. Thank you.


Not a lot of people know this but Vincent van Gogh was a lover of video games. You can see the influence gaming had on his life through out his art.

This influence is especially noticeable in this work, Portret van Sans Undertale


We get it Rothko, you gotta catch 'em all.


Big fan of Andrew Wyeth’s Fortnite series as well.


I love Francis Bacon’s “Trying To Play Ranked Overwatch”


mark tobey love mario


who could ever forget Rene Magritte’s timeless
Garry’s Mod


what’s up gamers, uh, it’s dpsklimt and i’m back with another pro painting strats video for you all. today, we’ll be speedrunning the anatomy of the pelvis and ribcage. now, the real meta is to draw through the form. this may not apply as much to pure stylization mains, but it’s super important if you’re trying to respec from anime to a more realistic style. as always, make sure to smash that like and subscribe button!

[video of gesture drawings but with an unnecessary face cam.]


Was thinking this morning about Edward Hopper’s interesting variation on Animal Crossing, Soir Bleu. One of my all time favorites.

And then listening to Mount Eerie just now made me realize how much Nikolai Astrup ripped off Breath of the Wild…


Who can possibly forget the surreal frustration of “The Tyranny of Images” in which René Magritte abstracts the eternal struggle of pressing down on every single green cylinder in Super Mario Brothers only to not be warped elsewhere.



Agnes Martin was famously inspired by Star Citizen for her painting Red Bird.





Yes but the controls are bad. I tried every button combination I could think of but I couldn’t make the nude reach the bottom of the stairs.



I’ve always been smitten by Escher’s Portrait of Bowser’s Staircase Before Getting 70 Stars


you sure that isn’t one of his many Monument Valley fanart drawings from his deviantart account?


this is from his echochrome collection