Is Art . . . Video Games?


Damn, the Japanese boxart for Bloodborne is so much better than the brooding one for Americans

cw: body horror/cryptic spoilers


Might wanna cw/spoiler that for body horror


People make the mistake of only remembering the art that’s popular or a sequel or it got a good review on IGN.

We should celebrate the art that pushes boundaries, like Ad Reinhardt’s Now Loading…


Admittedly this is tangential to the subject of Art as Video Games, but I’d be remiss not to mention my one of my favorite bits of Art as Tabletop Games


Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (The Sprawl)


Btw Agnes Martin was a woman :slight_smile:


This thread is so good what the hell


Don’t know how I messed that one up…


Really beginner level stuff here, but since no ones mentioned it, we gotta bring up Jacques-Louis David’s most well known piece, Le Premier Consul franchissant les Alpes au col du Grand Saint-Bernard


Which, as you all probably already know, captures the moment Napoleon abused the weird physics and collision dection in Skyrim to climb a slope he shouldn’t have been able to.


I am in Chicago for a wedding this weekend and thought I would check out the Museum of Contemporary Art. Imagine my surprise when I saw this Joseph Kosuth piece that takes inspiration from David Cage’s refusal to say anything over the course of a 20 hour game.



Always been enamored by Ellsworth Kelly’s End of Mass Effect


My favourite fresco by Raphael is The School of Gamers



In Christina’s World, Andrew Wyeth perfectly recreates the feeling of raw exposure he felt playing PUBG against players who edited the foliage out of the ini file.


Unfortunately, the casuals aren’t satisfied with ruining video games, they’re starting to ruin art too!

Just look at this normie bullshit.

No skill required, remember when enjoying art required media literacy and active participation? Now arts being marketed to the casuals through the mainstream funny papers. Modern art devs should be ashamed of themselves.


Any Unity devs want to give me some tips on using the animator? Trying to get a simple walk animation running but my player is just doing this.


Assert your dominance by Vitruvian posing


Elisabetta Sirani’s masterwork on the purging of toxicity in community moderation.


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