Is calling it 'the question bucket' derisive?


You don’t keep nice things, things that you value, in a bucket…

I know its not a real bucket. If the questions were better, could we upgrade to calling it a box or a even a bag? How about a bowl?

Does anyone else feel this way?


It could be a really nice bucket, though. Well cared for. Polished, even.


I think it’s gotten too big to be called a bucket. It should maybe be the question trough.


Buckets carry water. We need water to live. boxes don’t carry water. bags don’t carry water. Buckets give us life.


Perhaps the questions waypoint gets are actually a liquid? I mean has any of us really seen them to know that isn’t true? Perhaps they’re liquid gold even. In that case a bucket seems apt.


At least it’s not a question trashcan…


question.trashcan should be the new waypoint forum url.


I think ‘bucket’ is a cute name for a place to store questions! When my family used to fish, we might keep some of the catches we kept in a bucket, so I think the Waypointers are fishing out a fine catch-of-the-day.

That said, I like the sound of ‘the question basket’…


how about the question pit?

pits are just bigger immobile buckets after all


I seem to recall Patrick regretting the name ‘Interview Dumptruck’ for the feature where game developers were interviewed on Giant Bomb. That was definitely a poor choice.


Bucket ain’t bad; I like it because it implies that they’re just in there kinda disorderly, and taking one is reaching in roughly (like they do). I also like it because I imagine it as a Leaky Bucket algorithm (I’m a giant nerd for making this reference, I know) – the questions come out at a mostly-regular rate as they read them; if it were ever looking light on content, they can ask for more questions; when it starts getting too full, they cull it down (as with an overflow).

Okay it’s not the perfect analogy but what can you do? Bucket’s silly and fine name for something that obviously isn’t taken overly seriously (but nor is it under-respected).


You keep castles in buckets. Sand castles.

Without buckets, no sand castles, and sand castles are a good analogy for the ephemeral joy that a podcast provides.

Of course, not everyone likes sand. They claim that it’s coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. But those people, I understand, almost always turn out to become the puppet of an evil Emperor, bent on ruling the entire galaxy.


could be worse. they could call it the Quest(ion) Log.


Some places put fried chicken in a bucket. Therefore, buckets can not be bad.

On that note, is it just KFC that does the chicken buckets? I’ve never actually had chicken in a bucket before because I prefer Popeye’s chicken. That said, I’ve always WANTED to have a chicken bucket. Just seems cool.


It’s The Question Bouquet.


Heh, didn’t even associate it with /actual/ buckets, just marketing buckets. (i.e., groups.)

I have a limited bucket from Woot! in the old days, number 404. It’s where I keep my weed containers – not all buckets are bad, okay?


They should get sponsored and call it the question Tupperware, so the questions are still fresh when they pulled them out :joy::joy::joy:

(Not saying the questions are bad, just that if we care about them we don’t want them to get all weird in the fridge)


Our questions belong in The Bucket. Love The Bucket. The Bucket is Life.


What if it’s one of these premium, luxury buckets?


Question Basket. Inquiry Receptacle. Fan Mail. idk