Is calling it 'the question bucket' derisive?


whilst the bucket exist in a digital space only - i imagine that @austin_walker and @danielle have nothing but the finest bucket in their mind as they dip


Why not call it The Question Buffett, and all questions have to be sang by Jimmy himself?


The question bucket is actually the Bobrinski Bucket which is a very nice bucket in my humble opinion.


I would personally keep the questions in a Dole Gabbana bag…but that’s just me


I bet most emails are garbage that belongs in a bucket tbh.


“Question Bucket” has a good cadence to it but I could be persuaded to like “Question Cabinet”


I always pictured a KFC bucket, for some reason…


it’d be a good get but c’mon now, james is a busy man. those cheeseburgers aren’t gonna paradise themselves


You keep fried chicken in a bucket, and that in no way lessens the spiritual significance of the fried chicken.


A Question Tub? A Question Well? Perhaps they drop the Bucket into the Well to bring up some questions for the show!


I never felt it was derisive. Waypoint is rarely derisive at us. You keep high volumes of stuff in buckets because a bucket is a cheap alternative to a carafe or silo.


i didn’t expect any replies defending the relative quality of buckets rather than accepting the relative quality of questions.

is this a glass half full / half empty thing.
is this how we become divided.



Question Trough?


A Nintendo podcast I listen to calls the reader mail section the Question Block.


The Question Wardrobe: where all of your questions are folded neatly and organized


now here’s a suggestion: queschum bucket. cause y’all some… y’all some sharks

thoughts, feelings?


“skimming the surface” doesn’t really work with a box, basket, or bag. Gotta be a bucket.


I just want to point out that the latest podcast pretty much settled this question.
The bucket is old, rusty, ‘sweaty’, and goopy.

In other words, why does Waypoint have to dunk on us every week?
I’m trying my best to come up with a good question : (


Question Carafe would be pretty good too though.