Is calling it 'the question bucket' derisive?


If you think we don’t deserve to be dunked on you are out of your mind.


I don’t think anyone’s disputing that most questions probably should be dunked on.
But the Waypoint crew couldn’t have known at the very beginning. This is a new website. They might have been good questions.
Maybe I’m an optimist but I think if they called it the question basket the quality of questions would begin to improve.
Be the change you want to see and all that jazz.

Baskets are what you take on picnics, they’re full of nice cheeses and grapes and olives, flat breads and dips, maybe a couple of ciders…


lots of good valuable things are kept in a bucket:

  • Water
  • Ice
  • Paint
  • Lego
  • Fried Chicken
  • Very very fresh milk
  • The lunch of a turn of the century school child or miner
  • Live crabs for use as food, metaphor, or the hook a Juno Award winning single by Canadian recording artist k-os
  • The small fish which are one of the very few pleasures left to marine mammals in captivity and maybe penguins
  • And always exactly three different flavours of popcorn

  • Valtr’s head


Well I know I definitely deserve to be dunked on, but I wouldn’t dunk on everyone else here.

This came up again on the Friday podcast. And this time they agreed it sounds insulting. Even if they didn’t intend it that way I don’t get why they don’t just change it. I mean I get that its a comedy bit that’s been going on for a while but its unfortunate that because of that they will just keep insulting newcomers to the site like me who haven’t listened from the start and so don’t get it.