Is candy corn good?

Candy corn is ___
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  • Meh
  • Gross

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There’s a brand of candy corn that my right-wing, Christian neighbors would always hand out on Halloween that had a bit of scripture on the packaging. Texturally, it was somewhere between a marshmallow and marzipan, and the flavor didn’t overstay its welcome the way some do. Never got me to find Jesus, but it did convert me into a candy corn defender.

Comparing the ingredients to a normal brand, the two big differences appear to be that these ones have egg whites and honey - not sure which ingredient makes their preachy candy pop, but it’s good enough for me to steal a couple of baggies from my fundamentalist in-laws every year. (I’d take recs for a brand with similar ingredients that I’m not ethically opposed to ever giving money to, though!)


Honestly, I don’t really like any candy that’s overly sweet, I need some sourness or saltiness in there to cut through it. Candy corn is basically just shaped sugar. It has no flavor beyond sweet. It’s about as pleasant as sticking a spoon into a sugar dish and going to town. I don’t hate it, but it’s just mostly pointless.

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Australian here. Never encountered candy corn. What’s the big deal? Is it a Halloween thing? What’s wrong with regular lollies? Why is it divisive?

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They’re just congealed corn syrup. Meh. I prefer candy that has more going for it than that.

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This is what candy corn looks like and it is very much a staple American Halloween candy. If you go to a Halloween party there is bound to be candy corn in a bowl or if you’re at some kind of event there’s going to be a jar full of them where in you need to guess the amount inside.


That said it is a divisive candy I feel. Wikipedia says it is meant to taste like sugar, butter, honey, and vanilla but it all around just tastes overpoweringly sweet to me. I can normally eat like 2 or 3 pieces and then I’m done. It also has a mouth feel that I am just not a fan of. It’s like eating dried wax almost.

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The hate candy corn receives is in direct proportion to the number of hack writers who every October plagiarize an old Lewis Black skit about his hate of candy corn.
As for me I think its a totally fine and pleasant seasonal treat (I like it mixed in with some dry roasted peanuts). I think the Brachs candy corn is the best and it is made with honey, but no egg whites.
But take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think black licorice, buttered popcorn jelly beans, lutefisk, and fruit cake are all tastey and unfairly maligned foods.


I like candy corn and black licorice and the haters gotta deal with that.


Will have to check out Brachs. :eyes:

Also, fruit cake is soooo good! I feel like the hate comes from the name more than anything, it’s more like a cinnamon roll with raisins and walnuts, or banana bread, than a lemon or strawberry cake.

(Also, I would love to try lutefisk.)

I think fruit cake gets hated on because the average American only tasted the lowest quality version of it possible. If your fruit cake comes in a rectangular box with a long shelf life, it’s going to be mediocre.



I can usually tolerate a few pieces of candy corn before I punch out. It’s not awful but it’s just not my jam. I prefer to indulge my sweet tooth in the pastry realm.

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