Is cussing okay?


Can I cuss here? Am I allowed to cuss? What are the cuss words I can’t say? I only read threads I know don’t have swears so I don’t know. I’ve just started reading about bad words so I’m new to all of this


my mum says I can’t say h*ck so i guess its the same here


Don’t do word crimes.


Dont tell me what to do, cop.


You’re not allowed but I heard the auto-mods can’t tell if you type the swears out with spaces between letters like: A s s


The internet is a wholesome, wonderful place, where people come together to be happy, build one another up, and share knowledge and joy, in a safe, respectful, trustworthy environment.

I would be compelled to tell you if I was a cop. I am just concerned that the use of naughty words may start us down a dark path. Today we only partially censor the word (cw: partial word crime) h*ck, but what does tomorrow bring?

It’s nearly six in the morning here, because it keeps me up at night.


Cussin’ is okay, brands aren’t.


fuck no!!!


real talk: yes but don’t be a dick




Is cussing in Spanish okay?


[…] beneath all that cool psuedo-academic hogwash lurked a very passionate man who knew how important it was to say “fuck” now and then, and say it loud too, relish its syllabic sweetness, its immigrant pride, a great American epic word really, starting at the lower lip, often the very front of the lower lip, before racing all the way to the back of the throat, where it finishes with a great blast, the concussive force of the K catching up then with the hush of the F already on its way, thus loading it with plenty of offense and edge and certainly ambiguity. FUCK. – Mark Z. Danielewsky

Live it.


A couple follow up questions:

  1. Is toilet humour OK?
  2. How do I set this image as my forum signature?

    Thank you.


if u guys do a cuss im going to tell the principal and you’ll get detention FOREVER



Only cops don’t cuss. And I’m not a freakin’ cop.


I’m telling on all of you.


May I direct you to


Anyone who tries to stop me from swearing can forage oats and dill.

You heard.


Is cuss a cuss?