Is Danielle Riendeau an Anime Character?


She boxes, wrestles, runs, performs ambulance runs, designs games and teaches game design, is a games enthusiast/journalist/critic/whatever it’s called now, runs a podcast, and actually likes some anime.

These are the signs of most anime characters for me.

Therefore, my answer is yes. What’s yours?


Is she tho?

  • Yes
  • No

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Woah, I’m not into slandering Danielle this way.


She’s the tough but friendly teacher of the protagonist. It’s true.


She’s going to save the world through the POWER OF KINDNESS AND HARD WORK!!!


She’s One Pun(ch) Gal.


one time, i was about to be defeated by frieza when danielle showed up at the last second and defeated frieza, gave me a senzu bean, and escaped the exploding planet Namek mere seconds before its destruction

so i’m gonna go with yes on this one


Danielle is literally Chie


Danielle is an anime character because no human being would have the time to be doing all the things she does with her time and still remain the nice and goodhearted supportive soccer mom that she is.


I feel like the next logical step is to ask what anime universe or game should she be featured in?


She is my favorite Anime character.


right? like this isn’t even a discussion to be had when we’ve already concluded she is chie


She should have her own, or an anime about Waypoint


Danielle is Sports Anime



Sailor Moon seems obvious. Or she can be in Patlabor.

Or Utena. If there were less psychopaths.


She could be. She’s some sort of superhero for sure.


Hmmm I think Chie is too into steak to be a direct Danielle comparison. Chie is like 90% steak.


Everyone’s an anime character when you think about it.


Ahem… I voted yes.