Is Danielle the host of the Friday podcast?


Can Austin and Patrick just chill a bit and let Danielle talk/host? During yesterday’s podcast:

Austin: Danielle why don’t you set up what this game is?
Danielle: As someone who followed the original controversy…
Patrick: It was also a Kickstarter game right?
Danielle: Right. Um…
Patrick interrupts again and then goes on to talk more about the Kickstarter.
Austin then goes on to describe what the game is (even though he asked Danielle to do it.)

I literally said out loud “Geez, let her talk!”


Yeah, this is something I’ve noticed for a while now. Preface this with, I love what Austin and Patrick have to say, good commentary from smart folks with lots of experience in games.

They have really strong chemistry together, which again is great, but it’s almost too good, in that they can easily get caught in their own interactions and other staff are ignored. I remember the E3 coverage videos from last year, with Patrick, Austin, Danika, and Rob doing rundowns on what they see each day. There were a couple videos with Rob and Danika sitting between Austin and Patrick and very literally being talked over and around for long segments. It was a very uncomfortable dynamic as if they were just like us, the audience, there to hear the other two say.

This isn’t to say Patrick and Austin don’t say interesting and worthwhile things. They’ve each produced some of my favorite #content recently, Patrick’s article about reconciling with his online persona, and Austin’s talk at NYU for example, I just hope the other voices at Waypoint (Danielle, Danika, Rob, Natalle, Joel) get the platform they deserve. They’re smart and good, and the platform is at its best when there’s diverse dialogue.

ilu, Waypoint, let my love all of you.


Hey, the mod team appreciates where this thread is coming from & have moved it to Site Feedback (versus General Discussion) to ensure it gets looked at and discussed in the proper context.

One of the things that I just want to flag up is our Rule 10, particularly the bolded:

Remember that the games journalism community is small, our community is visible, and other personalities have been active here - act accordingly. Do not speculate on hires or personal lives of staff or personalities of this or any other site; remember, this is a person’s livelihood, not fantasy football.

The reason I’m raising this (and this is not to call out the prior posts in this thread) is that we want this forum to be a good and useful place for feedback. Trying to read into someone’s head through the discussion they’re having on a video or podcast can be, flatly, weird for staff to read and can make it hard to engage with. There’s often reasons why, say, some staff members are in more videos than others (to touch on something WTHall mentioned).

It’s one thing to say “here is a thing I have noticed”, it’s another to say “I noticed this and here’s why it’s happening”. The mod team would appreciate bearing this in mind going forward.


Ok, no worries about the topic change. Also not trying to be overly negative but others have pointed out how the female voices are shouted down by members of the staff (obviously not intentional) and I’ve been noticing it more and more. Just wanted to start a topic about it because it seems the Friday podcast tends to be dominated by the male voices while the host (Danielle) is relegated to more of a guest role. She gets the intro and outro but the in-between can’t get a word in edgewise.


Danika isn’t on the podcast very often and it does kinda irk me when she gets cut off during her limited time where she’s speaking about a game she’s into (this happened more than once in a recent episode about monster hunter).

I know the staff members are passionate about this stuff and I quite enjoy hearing them talk at length about things, but I’ve noticed that not only will someone get cut off, but the person who cut them off will talk for a while and then decide they should move on from the topic, which must be frustrating to anyone else who didn’t get a chance to comment (that said podcasting is hard and I know it must be quite a task to keep convos from constantly going off the rails and getting messy when there’s a bunch of people trying to get a word in). This is just one of the few podcasts I’ve listened to where I’m thinking “wait she had something to say let her finish!” on more than one occasion.

All that said, it’s still great and they’re doing great work, I hope this goes without saying. I just like hearing new voices and giving all the regular ones a chance to share.


I just got done listening to the most recent episode on my drive home and noticed something off about this episode. Having edited together my fair share of audio from different sources, I immediately noticed that they were talking over her but to me, it sounded like Danielle’s track wasn’t synced up. I could be wrong but as she kept talking regardless of Austin or Patrick it seemed like what was in the podcast wasn’t reflective of what was in her ears at the time of recording. Just what it sounded like to me about the most recent episode specifically, not previous episodes.


The fact that they’re recording remotely is almost certainly making the issue worse. Even if the audio is synced up perfectly, there’s still lag while they’re recording. So Danielle and Patrick could both hear a bit of silence and start talking at the same time, and then not realize that they’re talking over each other until they’re a few words in. Another wrinkle to add to trying to not shut voices out of conversations.


Yeah, I really notice it a lot when Danika is on. She doesn’t speak very much, and I wonder if it’s by volition or not really finding an opportunity. It’s strange, because she’s pretty talkative on the Twitch streams.

Regarding Danielle’s hosting, I do feel like it has at least a little to do with how Austin has been pretty much hosting for the entire duration of the podcast, so I feel like it might be tricky to remember to take a backseat sometimes.

Obviously, I don’t think there is anyone is doing anything intentionally, but it’s a recurring pattern that would be nice to address!


Austin mentioned on a recent (really great!) interview on That D&D Podcast that they know this happens and work hard on trying to stop doing it. Which is good. I definitely noticed it also re Rob and especially in those E3 videos, I agree, because I really think he has an interesting p.o.v. on things that is not just Austin and Patrick agreeing vehemently with each other. There are definitely still times when I want to say “aaah let him/her talk aaaaah”.

I don’t really have the same feeling on other podcasts. I know I do this to people sometimes irl myself and I know it sucks to get called out on it, but it is in the spirit of constructive criticism.

So, in that spirit: Patrick, do you have your own voice in your own headphones? It can help a lot with matching your volume/tone to other people you’re talking with. Personally I’ve done this for online voice calls and it really surprised me. (And maybe you could have a couple fewer coffees Austin!! I am teasing.) Love the site & podcast & only suggesting all this as a fan.


I think a lot of podcast have trouble with interruptions, I haven’t noticed it more here than other places. It might be a natural thing that happens when you put three or so people who like to talk together in a room to talk. I can imagine it’s easy to forget sometimes while making a podcast, that you are making a podcast, and not just chatting.

One thing I sometimes find less pleasant is the volume. It can get a little loud, a little yelly.


I agree that Austin and “Woke” Patrick need to learn to listen more and speak less. Not a huge change to the format, but just an awareness that the other participants should have a right to speak without interruption. Maybe Danielle needs a big red “Mute” button for when she hosts the podcast? :wink:


Yeah, I have also noticed this tendency of theirs to interrupt her. I actually suspected that the change in format of the Friday podcast was a response to the problem by having Danielle host. But, yeah, it hasn’t stopped.