Is debating whether games are art itself an art

Or is it a crime.


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People think competitive debate is an art, and it seems to be made up of talking extremely quickly to cram in as much information as possible during your allotted time without trying to engage the audience whatsoever. I think our own debates around games as art should include these techniques.


It’s a crime. A turbo crime. A turbo mega crime. A TURBO ULTRA MEGA SUPER DUPER CRIME. DON’T DO IT.


No, sorry. Art doesn’t travel that far.

What’s weird though is that arguing about the conversation on the debate over games being art itself becomes an art. Scientists aren’t sure why this level of art spontaneously generates but are currently working to develop a way of harnessing this power.

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Yes, but only in the first paragraph/opening remarks/title i.e. “7 ways the new Assassin’s Creed’s homage to Casablanca proves that it’s the definitive artwork of 2021” or “How I resolved a heated debate between a philosopher and a sociologist with a 90’s CRPG”.

I’ve got pitches, people. Hit me up.


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