Is his name "Mega Man X" or just "X?"


Please help, nobody will tell me and I’m very scared that I’ll never know the truth.

What is the name of the robot you play as in the Mega Man X series of games?


I choose to believe that his full name is Mega Man X, while his friends refer to him as X.


Reliable sources tell me his name is Mega Man X. My reliable source is the Mega Man wiki.


His name is canonically just X! We do know that Dr. Light named him X (as opposed to the folks who discovered him in 21XX), though we don’t know why he’s named that other than, “90s anime aesthetic.” And while we’re on the topic, X is not simply an upgraded Mega Man but a different robot created from scratch. The More You Know. :rainbow::star:


This discussion is all well and good but why is there​ a robot called Blues who is then coloured red???


I don’t see a citation on those wikifacts


Shit. I’ve been had.


I’ve always just referred to him as “X.” It felt way cooler than calling him Mega Man X


Everyone in the games calls him X so I’d go with that.


Because “blues” is a Japanese loanword associated with music and not at all associated with color, baaasically


Okay but, is X a sandwich.


His name is X Light, just like Megaman’s real name is Rock Light. Is this how we handle handing surnames to our robot children? :thinking:


See if he gives it to you. If he gives it to you, he must be X.


I believe X is an acceptable short form, but if “Mega Man” isn’t in there as part of his full name then the game’s title would be a lie, and lying is for criminals.


the robot is just X, totally different robot than the blue bomber (aka mega man aka mega aka rack)–there’s actually zero connection at all to the original mega man series, it’s just branding. sometimes when you glance at the screen it’ll kinda resemble mega man? for a second? but the thing is, is that it isn’t mega man


If you’d just ask him what his name is, X gon’ give it to ya.