Is Homestuck bad?


I realize there’s already the web comics thread but i felt like this topic deserved its own thread.


Homestuck is good, actually


Are you saying

that you would let me

tell you about Homestuck?


In my opinion the first half of Homestuck is a masterpiece, I think it’s pretty much downhill from there though.


how much homestuck has influenced me as a person scares and confuses me


Is this a plug for let me tell you about homestuck? cause i already listen to and love it


I read Homestuck last year for a podcast, and Homestuck is actually Very Good.


Sounds like a bad podcast tbh.


Yo I listen to and really enjoy your show


I wouldn’t know I only know about Homestuck because Dave X Kat (top tier otp) and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff never actually read beyond it.


It is not, but you should listen to it anyway.


I feel the same way about Homestuck as I do about anime in that the fandom scares me off from ever engaging with it on the lightest of surface levels


dont do me like this fam


Oh gosh thank you!! We work real hard on that thing so I’m glad you enjoy it!


I mean you aren’t wrong


Honestly, I think Homestuck is okay. I met a lot of my current friends by reading it, and it introduced me to a bunch of new artists through the EoA flashes.

But at the same time, from a narrative perspective, the thing is way too long. Like, way, way, way too long, and I think that damaged it for me. After a while, it just became easier to wait for the entire thing to end and catch up afterwards.


I feel very torn. I really loved Homestuck. Then I just kinda stopped loving Homestuck. So maybe? It’s definitely left an impact on how I act and I made a lot of friends through it’s at least not all bad.


Homestuck as a whole is okay imo but the real good stuff is The Intermission and all of the music albums honestly.


I’d have to say I really love homestuck but it’s not good.


I binged through all of Problem sleuth when it was pretty close to the end of it’s arc and followed Homestuck for a long time then I went on a trip for a weekend and when I came back I was a million pages behind, I deleted the bookmark and never looked back.