Is it ok being selfish?

With all the troubles going on with our governments, social issues, and anything that is interfering with people’s lives, I still have time to myself to enjoy what I have. However, I can’t help but think that these small selfish actions like not giving to the poor person at the corner or being as active with protest like the women’s march or the march for our lives where I was just taking pictures and not being in the march itself.

I just wonder if being just a little selfish isn’t good when things around me are pretty bad?

existing in the world is a delicate balancing act between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing, as well demonstrated by the video game BioShock Infinite (2013), but as demonstrated by that video game good and bad are actually fake ideas and the only way to be a good person is to get drowned by one hundred of your daughters. hope this helps.


generally speaking: of course being selfish isn’t good. but how selfish one’s actions (or inactions) are depend on that individual’s means.

if you’re exhausted and hungry and on your way to a 12 hour shift and you’re behind on rent then yeah maybe you get a pass for not tossing a couple dollars to the homeless guy.

if you’re on your way to buy idk your third $60 video game of the month while still recognising that you’re being selfish for not giving to this guy then you got a lot of self-reflection to do. (not that i’m implying that you’re this person)

i don’t know what time and money and energy you have. you gotta use your own judgement or ask people you trust - given my circumstances, am i doing enough? how could i do more?


Don’t want to be drowned by one hundred daughters (Sounds like a weird pubg game) but I am drowned by good people like my sister-in-law who is active with teachers, women’s, and minority rights, old highschool friends who are not shy to share social issue, and being here on Waypoint.

i think you have misunderstood my post. i was in no way being metaphorical. you gotta be literally drowned by one hundred daughters or you are a bad person. thems the breaks kid.


sorry for shitposting in the thread everybody. the real answer i have is “you should be the best person you can be, but keep in mind your ability to actually change the world is proportional to the actual level of power you hold.”

capitalism wants us all to feel individually culpable for every social ill when they are actually collective problems which can only be ‘solved’ by collective action, and the people who hold most of the power in our society actively make it hard to solve these problems. capitalism wants us to feel individually culpable because that engenders a huge sense of insecurity and frustration at our inability to individually solve (say) climate change, and those feelings can then be Monetised. $$$$

do your best, but if you are being selfish and not doing your best, accept that. do not try to justify it, because down that road leads justifying ever more awful things.

sometimes we do not live our best lives and accepting ourselves as flawed and complex beings is a part of Being Alive. try to do more and be better every day if you can. i believe in you, forums user metalsnakezero.


So this is something that I think about a lot and I don’t really have a conclusive answer. I’m a white cisgendered heterosexual male who works in tech, and this puts me in a position of privilege, but importantly, it also puts me in a position to help others who aren’t as privileged as me. I personally feel because of this I should constantly be questioning how I can help someone who doesn’t have the same privileges as I do, and if I’m not pushing myself to help others out, I am doing something wrong. This isn’t to say I don’t fail at this either though, because I definitely do.

Wish I had a more conclusive answer :confused:

I recently had a similar discussion with my partner and I will share what I told her (with the caveat that I am by no means an expert. I am an engineer by trade, so if this is something that is seriously bothering you my advice would be to talk to a professional).

The fact that you have doubt about this is a good thing. Doubt is underrated. It shows that you are a thoughtful, empathetic, and self-reflective person.

As to whether or not you are actually being selfish, I can’t answer. That depends on your own personal values and living conditions. My advice would be to take some kind of action. There are many ways to take action and feel like you are doing something meaningful while still living your life and making time for self care. If you have a surplus of money consider setting up a monthly donation to an organization you want to support. If you have a surplus of time consider volunteering 1 or 2 nights a week.

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