Is it worth continuing Limetown if it didn't grab me?

I put Limetown in my podcatcher after the article and Open Thread last year (seen here) and only recently listened to it, but despite what Rob says to describe it, it just didn’t take me. I’m a fan of Twin Peaks, especially The Return, Annihilation, Silent Hill 2–all sorts of low-grade surreal horror that immerse you in the bizarreness of their mundane details to pull you in.

I was fully expecting Limetown to do the same. However, after listening to the first 2 episodes, it just didn’t grab me. I really wanted it to, but even the brief glimpse at horror with Winona’s monologue in the second episode just seemed like it was trying too hard to be scary without really earning it. The entire cast feels like it’s kind of trying too hard, and it really stinks because I want to love it.

TL;DR: Does the podcast change significantly after the first two episodes, and should I keep listening? Right now, there’s not enough weird to draw me in; it feels like normal details interspersed with forced attempts to creep you out, and I really wish it didn’t. Thanks in advance!

nah. it’s a radio drama. if it ain’t working for you, don’t worry about it.

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Maybe I’m spoiled by the types of storytelling stuff like actual play, especially Friends at the Table, employs. I honestly can’t say if it’s the format, the storytelling, or both that are bumming me out! But thanks for not making me feel like I’m giving up on something “great” :sweat:


the thing is that we are all missing out on “great” things every day because there are more great things to read/listen to/watch/play than we could experience in a thousand lifetimes. Enjoy what you enjoy! If you don’t like something, there’s always more out there.